Support in San Diego - National Picket Week

(Karyl Miller, San Diego WGA Strike Captain, sent us these clips along with the following note.)

Here are 2 news clips of a great showing San Diego WGA-ers made on our local news Dec 13! Interesting to note we marched just outside glass enclosed NBC affil. at 6 AM hoping to appear on their lead-in to the TODAY show. But they sent 8 cops + 3 security guards( we were outnumbered!)to shoo us off their property (and away from their windows). They never put us on camera or came out to interview us. Meanwhile FOX and local station KUSI sent cameras and reporters.

Karyl Miller
San Diego WGA Strike Captain


emily said...

OMG! Shut up already! Nobody wants to hear your stupid constant complaining. You are wrecking everybody's lives. Stop it already! The WGA has to ruin everything!

T said...

This is great coverage. Emily, go away. No one is buying what you are selling.

Captain Obvious said...

lol @ Emily

Nice work. Way to show your superior intelligence. I suppose a writer is standing behind you with a gun to your head forcing you to visit this site then, huh?

WGA 1997 said...

I must admit to the utter hilarity at the concept of people who have no interest in TV or movies or hate writers with such a passion yet they feel they must monitor this site so religiously as to be the first comment on every post. I have no interest in, say, WWE wrestling and you'd have to threaten to pour battery acid on my head to get me to search out and comment on some random wrestling site. So, Les Moonves or Peter Chernin or whoever you really are... c'mon dudes... take the dog for a walk or something.

johnmcmillion said...

I'm an aspiring writer in San Diego. Even though I'm not yet in the WGA, can the average nobody like myself join the picket line to show my support?

Anonymous said...

I'm and aspirant as well (aspirer? aspirino?) and I've been welcomed at all the picket lines I've joined.

not sure if the San Diego events are listed but the WGA west strike schedule is located at http://wga.org/subpage_member.aspx?id=2536

mark said...

Why the fuck would you want to join a picket line if you're not even a member of the WGA? You are just contributing to the problem of these writers wrecking havoc and disrupting everything with complete disreguard for who you are hurting. If that's what you want to do, okay. But that would mean you are no better than all the other 12,000 jerk members of the WGA who seem to have no sympathy for the little guys.

P.S. Rot in hell WGA!

WGA 1997 said...

Arrrrgh. I can write angry words. I can put them in angry sentences. Hell is scary. Rotting is scary too. Arrggh, I'm Mark the furious, WGA hating SEA MONSTER!!! Arrrrrghhhh!

(The strike sucks, but Mark is kinda fun, no?)

Petrea Burchard said...

Really cool to see this kind of decent coverage on a Fox channel. A pleasant surprise.

Yes, JohnM, the picketers will welcome you. Check wga.org under "spotlight" for locations and times.

Anonymous said...

You're right Mark, we're no better than the members of the WGA. But, we're better than a lot of other people!

Bill said...

"the picketers will welcome you. Check wga.org under "spotlight" for locations and times."

Here is what you will find:


A nice holiday strike hiatus for the wonderful writers. And of course a nice hiatus for the AMPTP and the WGA ngotiating team (oh yes, "we didn't leave the table, blah blah blah...)

I heard the rumours of a writers strike for a year - never heard it put that they were going to negotiate, just strike.
What a difference with the DGA who plan to NEGOTIATE their new contract.

It was not too long ago that the WGA almost voted themselves into Teamsters local 399. Do you think there would have been a strike if they did?

Don't fool yourselves - the demands for reality and aninmation jurisdiction was the real cause of talks breaking off. That should never have been a part of the bargain.

Moderate away if you can't stand to see this opinion.

BTL 399
Out of work
Not on strike

Bill said...

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