WHY WE WRITE is a series of short essays by prominent TV and Film writers. Conceived by Charlie Craig and Thania St. John, the campaign hopes to inspire and inform during the strike, and perhaps beyond.

Today’s piece is written by Greg Garcia, Creator and Executive Producer of My Name Is Earl. To read it, go here.


Tamara said...

Most writers hate writing. But, we are compelled to continue. That is why I fear this strike will not hold water. I pray you do earn rewards for your work. But, I hope the money doesn't overide the beauty of the writer's soul.

Angie said...

This is my favorite feature yet!! Perfect! I can't wait for more of these.

I thought y'all should spotlight an article I read this week about the TV ratings. It seems that a RERUN of CSI beat the networks HOT, FRESH, NEW reality shows. Wow, that can't be! As the AMPTP has assured advertisers that all they need is reality shows and that no one cares about scripted material when they could be watching Are You Stronger Than A Dog!! (big props to 30 Rock for that show concept.) Hmmmm could it be that people are actually invested in the scripted drama and enjoy watching television that is crafted by writers? AMPTP sure can't have its advertisers think that! So, pay no attention to those ratings behind the curtain...

Keep up the good fight!