"Heard you were a little strapped for cash"

WGA strike campaign
WGA strike campaign,
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It appears the letter is signed with a heart. Which is hilarious, because everyone knows Nick Counter's skin blisters when he touches any symbol of love.


BRK LLN said...

AWESOME... Glad I could enjoy this in my hour of insomia.

Anonymous said...

Now that would be a fan campaign.

Jason said...

Shouldn't that be 30 dimes?

Dorkman said...

everyone knows Nick Counter's skin blisters when he touches any symbol of love.

As funny as comments like this are, are schoolyard jabs at your opponent the way to win the propaganda war?

I'm all for mocking "the executives", or hanging them with their own words. But I'd personally be concerned that comments like this, naming names, would only undermine your position on the moral high ground. I wouldn't give Counter any more reasons to pretend that HE'S being reasonable, but the WRITERS are acting like children, striking and namecalling.

But, it's not my blog...

407 said...

Ultimate win.

VDOVault said...

If I do this I am either sending 4 pennies in play money or a picture of 4 pennies, sending that to the AMPTP (not one red spendable cent from me for the greed hogs of the AMPTP) and sending 4 cents plus to the WGA

John Aboud said...

Hi, Dorkman. An excellent point, and one I've thought a lot about. My philosophy, and I'm speaking only for myself, is that Nick Counter is fair game. I'm not going to go after the CEOs schoolyard-style. We want to work with them! We are supposed to be a team. The management of the conglomerates needs to be reasoned with and made to see how myopic it is to shaft the professionals our industry depends upon. We should give them logic, wit, satire and civilized shaming tactics.

But Nick Counter. Well. His job is to be my whipping boy. That's what he signed on for. He's a paid bully whom the companies keep around to take abuse from unions. If I did not heap my most creative and derisive scorn on his scaly head, he'd be getting a free ride! He chose a career where the job description said "Must be comfortable getting shat on by working people." If we don't shit on him, he's not fulfilling his obligations. Kind of like agents and business affairs people. Or screenwriters and critics.

Anonymous said...

I sent letters to the top six network heads today: It's a surprise to learn that you're going broke and that the death knell for your enterprise will be a small payment to the writers who create nearly all the content that you air. That would be terrible. So I'm chipping in my $.04. Ordinarily an opinion is worth $.02 cents, but since you're having such difficulty making ends meet, I'll splurge. Here's my opinion: Use the money to pay your writers for DVD and internet content.

And taped four pennies to the bottom of each letter.

Reminds me of Nuts for Jericho.

Good luck, everyone -- I hope you get everything you want!