Battlestar Galactica Correction

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Seamus Kevin Fahey, the strike captain for BSG, emailed us that the earlier announcement from the Guild about a Battlestar picket on Friday was incorrect.
"[T]here is a nearby convention at BURBANK (which only about 500 people max. attend, and it starts at 3pm on Friday) so we are trying to do a little damage control because even Deadline Hollywood has picked up the story (3 thousand fans!?)"
So please spread the word: NO official BSG picket at Universal. There's talk of a new theme picket for Friday, but I don't have confirmation. We apologize for the frak up.


The One True b!X said...

That 3000 figure came out of nowhere. I suspect it's a typo for 300, which is likely around the size of the convention.

Karen said...

For what it's worth, there are quite a few of us who plan to show up anyway, even if we're not 3000 strong. :P

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason why BSG fans can't still strike on Friday?

Sephiroth144 said...

Its still on- swing by the Fans4Writers.org to keep up...