Picket with the Stars: Tuesday, 12-2 at Universal

SAG members will be turning out in force today. I know it's a long list to post here, but I think all of the below actors and actresses should be recognized for standing by us. Thank you, SAG! -JA

WHAT: In a demonstration of the Screen Actors Guild's solidarity with the Writers Guild of America, TV's top stars will turn out tomorrow to walk the picket line at the WGA West's "Picketing with the Stars" to support striking writers.

TV stars slated to appear to support the Writers Guild strike include:

Army Wives – Kim Delaney, Brian McNamara, Sally Pressman, Drew Fuller, Wendy Davis, Sterling K. Brown, Brigid Brannagh
The Big Bang Theory – Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Jim Parsons
Big Love – Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn
Brotherhood – Ethan Embry, Fionnula Flanagan, Kevin Chapman
Corey in the House – Rondell Sheridan, Madison Pettis, Lisa Arch, Maira Walsh
Cold Case – Thom Barry, John Finn, Tracie Thoms, Meredith Stiehm, Danny Pino
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Archie Kao, Marc Vann, Wallace Langham, Liz Vassey, David Berman, John Wellner
Desperate Housewives – Doug Savant, Nicollette Sheridan, Dana Delany, Tuc Watkins
Dexter – Keith Carradine, James Remar, C.S. Lee
Dirt – Ian Hurt, Josh Stewart
Everybody Loves Raymond – Ray Romano
The Game – Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall
George Lopez Show – George Lopez, Constance Marie, Valente Rodriguez
Grey's Anatomy – Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight, KaDee Stickland, Amy Brenneman, Justin Chambers
Jericho – Ashley Scott, Bob Stephenson
Kyle XY – Jamie Alexander, April Matson, Chris Olivero, Bruce Thomas
Las Vegas – Vanessa Marcil
Mad Men – January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer
My Boys – James Kaler
New Adventures of Old Christine – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Clark Gregg, Hamish Linklater, Alex Kapp Horner, Tricia O'Kelley
Numb3rs – Dylan Bruno, Diane Farr
Private Practice – Kate Walsh
The Riches – Minnie Driver
Rules of Engagement – Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich
'Til Death – Brad Garrett, Kat Foster
True Blood – Anna Paquin, Sam Trammell
Wildfire – Lori Loughlin
Without A Trace – Poppy Montgomery, Enrique Murciano
Women's Murder Club – Scott Gemmill, Paula Newsome, Laura Harris

Other celebrities slated attend to support the WGA include: Ben Stiller, Lisa Kudrow, Frances Fisher, Camryn Manheim, Edie McClurg, Susan Savage, and more.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
12:00 Noon to 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
*Main Gates 1, 2, & 3 – off Lankershim Blvd.

CONTACT: For press inquires, please call Gregg Mitchell at (323) 782-4651, or email: gmitchell@wga.org.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else wondering if the shows that aren't represented are the ones whose showrunners went back to work today? Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

KaDee Strickland and Amy Brenneman are with private practicce -- not Grey's Anatomy

Scott said...

So, can the public come to this too? I'd love to come out and join the pickets (like I have before), and if the stars are there showing their support, even better.

John Aboud said...

Honestly, Scott, I'd AVOID this picket, since the media coverage will be extensive. All their vans will make it hard to park. Come another day when you can actually talk to us!

Carter said...

Just a note to say that a lot of the Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice fans are behind you guys on this strike.


Barnaby Capel-Dunn said...

I wish you well but it's rather ironic that you should be getting all this support from the stars. It is their inflated salaries which are preventing you from getting a decent wage for your work!

Anonymous said...

what showrunners went back to work today?

Barnaby Capel-Dunn said...

Here's how an article in the International Herald Tribune begins:
"As Hollywood digs in for a second week of a strike, the screenwriters might want to send a few angry picketers over to Will Smith's place. Or Steven Spielberg's.

And maybe the studio executives should think about joining them on the line."

And here's the link to the entire article:

Anonymous said...

I support you all the way. The Internet is the future of all future TV, film and music. The studios are way out of line on this one and they should pay you all your fair share. Hang in there!

David Grenier said...


That's not really accurate. What's preventing the writers from getting paid decently for their work is the greed of the studio executives - no different from any other Capitalist enterprise. It'd be like saying the reason janitors at Microsoft get paid so badly is because the programmers get paid well (note, I have no idea how the janitors at microsoft actually get paid, or if they even have janitors. Don't programmers tend to live in their own filth?). The two really have nothing to do with one another.

The fact is what a Capitalist does is buys someone's labor for as little as they can pay, and sell the product of that labor for as much as they can get. They will always charge as much as they can for product and pay as little as they can for wages no matter what. If the actors all worked for free, they'd still pay the writers as little as they thought they could get away with. If EVERYONE worked for free they'd still charge as much for DVDs, downloads, etc as they thought they could get away with.

That's their job. It's not personal. It's just what they've been hired to do.

Barnaby Capel-Dunn said...

Your point is well made and taken, David.
I would just like to add 2 points of my own:
1. If (I say "if"), as the IHT seems to suggest, the industry as a whole is losing money, then that bodes ill for the writers.
2. "Greed of studio executives" = bad. Greed of film and TV stars - OK?

David Grenier said...

I think there's a big difference between wanting to be paid for your work, and wanting not to pay other people for their work specifically so you can pocket the money their work produces.

Creating a false equivalence and calling both "greed" just isn't logical.

Brandon said...

I tend to agree that the writers deserve a share in the new media profit somehow, but I don't agree with the strike and I can't support it in principle because people ARE getting paid to do a job they enjoy. These aren't coal miners or people that are subject to terrible conditions just to make enough of a wage to support their families. Alot of these writers are ridiculously rich and that doesn't mean that they just shouldn't get paid, but if these guilds and these efforts of solidarity are actually of any merit, then they should be looking at the redistribution of the profits among their membership. I see actors picketing and it offends me because its more acting on their part. If actors care so much about writers, why don't they accept a small percentage cut from their deals to finance paying the writers more? I get that this is supposed to be about the studios sharing from the new media profit trickle but, at the end of all things, its basically about money and as long as the writers are getting more of it, I doubt they'll care about where its coming from and they can get back to the business of entertaining viewers, who are the people that are really suffering from this.ybgtn

Anonymous said...

Ian Hart from Dirt, not Hurt.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you guys know the correct spellings of typoed/misspelled actors' names:

-Ian Hart, not Hurt
-Jamie Kaler, not James
-KaDee Strickland, not Stickland
-Maiara Walsh, not Maira
-Jon Wellner, not John

Jenn said...

Brandon - so if you enjoy your job then you aren't entitled to be paid the same as if you work a job you hate? Writers, in my opinion, are the main reason we even have television and movies. They come up with the dialogue and storylines that keep us hooked and coming back for more. All they want is their fair share - a small (TINY) percentage of what is being made overall. If the studios don't make money - they don't either. It's that simple. While I will miss my favorite shows for awhile, I think the strike is completely necessary. Just because a person has a "fun" or "easy" job (and I don't think writing is easy - far from it) doesn't mean they shouldn't get paid for ALL of the work they do.

m. weixler said...

these arent all actors picketing, some of these actors are actors and writers, like i assume ray romano the comic and artie lange from the stern show. where are the big names with the 'union solidarity' like tom cruise, al pacino, leading dramatic actors who dont write anything, this picketing helps your credibility as much as it hurts it. i call em like i see em.