Social Networking Sites Buying Internet Original Content

WSJ today gives overview of social networking sites getting into business of producing online video. Article features three shows:

- Kate Modern, a mystery on social networking site Bebo.
- Roommates, a soap opera on MySpace TV
- Special Delivery, a hidden camera reality show on MySpace TV.

It notes that while MySpace and Bebo push into original content, Facebook hasn't and other internet companies - AOL and Yahoo, specifically - are backing away from it.

Article doesn't disclose budget for KATE MODERN but says Bebo sells sponsorships at $400,000 for six months.

Claims production budgets for Roommates and Special Delivery are about $1000 per minute.

Article also notes that the shows themselves aren't very profitable to their writer / producers, who are portrayed as doing internet stuff to build assets and relationships "in a bigger entertainment medium."

If you've watched these shows, use the comments to tell us what you think.

If you've had experience trying to sell a show to Bebo or MySpace or any other company investing in internet original content, tell us what can about the process: deal points, budgets, development process.

WSJ article also links to excellent post by Kara Swisher where she takes Hollywood to task - creative talent as well as the companies - for being risk-averse and lazy and for making "Web material that clearly is derivative of current media like television, rather than [trying] to imagine a whole new way of creating content that reflects and excels on the online platform."

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deuddersun said...

Well, me and a couple of other btl buddies have been working on this thing we call the Curse of The Hearse, more as a hobby thaan anything else. We originally planned to put episodes up on youtube just to get exposure, (hey, if you make something, whether it be a prop, a set, or the whole dam show, you want it to be seen, right?). Now we make have to investigate these other outlets. I'd be glad to let you know what happens with that. Let's see what happens...If anything breaks will shoot you an e-mail.