Video: Verrone on the Deal and New Media

Liz Gannes from NewTeeVee posts her interview with Patrick Verrone.

Verrone says that while the legacy of '88 strike was that studios and networks learned how to make shows without writers, the legacy of this strike may be that "writers learn how to do content without the studios and networks."

As to the Media Honchos claims (Zucker, Moonves) that the strike has taught them how to run a leaner business, Verrone says, "not likely."


Tanja Barnes said...

Patric Verrone very generously sat down with me post-strike- pre-contract-vote and gave me an in-depth 50 minute interview which I podcasted.

Stream it here: StrikeChronicles.com.

It's also available for download in iTunes here.

hotline said...

Patric's a cool guy.

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