The United Hollywood / Strike Swag Photo Shoot

On Monday, February 11 from 2-6pm, United Hollywood and Strike Swag invite all members of the United Hollywood community to be photographed for a PR campaign to promote the new United Hollywood site.

The concept of the campaign is to show writers, actors, directors, crew, staff and fans standing united to meet the challenges of the digital present. That's right, the challenges of now.

Volunteers will be photographed wearing a United Hollywood t-shirt or hat, standing against a black backdrop and matched with one or two people from a different part of the community. Writers with fans. Actors with crew. Fans with directors. Directors with crew. Staff and leadership from various unions. Subject to scheduling, ALL ARE WELCOME!

Each participant will get to keep the shirts and hats they wear and will, upon request, be emailed a high resolution version of the photographs in which they appear.

The shoot will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room of the WGA headquarters at Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles:

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To guarantee you'll be photographed, email UHPhotoShoot@gmail.com to schedule a time. Include your industry affiliation in the email so we'll be able to match you with other industry members. Some parking will be available to those who schedule.

If you prefer to live on the edge, you can just show up at the Multi-Purpose Room on Monday and see what happens. We salute your maverick nature, but guarantee nothing.


Bill said...

So.... show up there rather than picket? Hmmmm....oh right, no picket.

Omnie said...

Darn, this is something I'd love to be a part of. Guess I'll just have to wait for the redesign to go live to see them. Best of luck though and hope to see the new redesign soon.

elisa said...

can't make it because it will conflict with (hope---hope) work.

Becca said...

Damn. You couldn't have planned this for Fri, Feb 15, could ya? LOL I'll be in LA then.

Can I send a picture in of myself in my new UH t-shirt? Please?

Cathy Krasnianski said...

Is this only for WGA members, or can all screenwriters attend?

Sangemon said...

What about New Yorkers?

Bartleby said...

Off topic: Quite a good article just posted on the NY TIMES website. I guess we owe Laeta a lot for all her behind the scenes efforts in getting things this far.