Strike TV Wants Game Show Contestants

This press release was sent out by Strike TV. Interested in competing? Let them know! -JA

Writers to Shoot Over 30 Episodes of 4 Game Shows in Less Than 12 Hours

Los Angeles, CA (2/5/2008) - Some talk shows and game shows shoot five episodes in a day. Some might even try to shoot six or seven. But Sunday, February 10, will be a day like no other when writer/producer Rick Rosner and director/cinematographer Chip Proser attempt to set a world record by shooting over 30 episodes of four different shows in less than 12 hours.

The shows are:
SEARCH PARTY, where it's not what you know, it's how fast you can find the answers on the Internet. Contestants search for the answers to tough questions while fending off attacks by the Search Party Distraction Squad.

THE SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD SHOW, where the man with the world's highest IQ attempts to answer any question put to him. If his answer doesn't satisfy the judges, he suffers severe consequences. We'll see how smart he is after getting smashed in the face with a five-pound bag of SpaghettiO's.

DON'T GET A BONER, a lighthearted but taboo-breaking look at the power of sexual attraction. Think Make Me Laugh, with one shocking difference.

The programs are being produced for the WGA-member driven and created fundraiser, Strike TV: Hollywood Unplugged.

Will the production team meet its record-breaking target? Will they have enough game show contestants? Individuals that want to participate as game show contestants are encouraged to email a brief description of themselves (50 words or less) to dgab@live.com. Regardless of the outcome, it will be one long, messy, ridiculous day.

For more information on Strike TV: Hollywood Unplugged, contact StrikeTV: Hollywood Unplugged at striketvpr@gmail.com.

Rick G. Rosner has written for the Grammys, the American Music Awards, Crank Yankers and The Man Show and currently writes for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He has written, produced, created or competed on more than a dozen game shows including Remote Control, My Generation, Jeopardy!, Twenty-One, The Weakest Link, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
Chip Proser was a writer/producer on the Oscar-winning Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan film Innerspace and has written, produced and directed the documentaries Homo Sapiens, Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War, and Gaia Selene: Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon.


dave said...

30 Episodes of 4 Game Shows in Less Than 12 Hours. Why do I have a feeling that the crew (most likely Non-union) is going to take a beating in this. There are folks out there now that are having to suffer through game/reality show work just to pay the bills until the strike is over. Please do not degrade thier work and effort by going "Hey, we can do a whole season of your work in a day".

BJ said...

So "Don't Get a Boner" is what we can look forward to when writers aren't forced to dumb things down by the Network suits, huh? Ok, got it.

Frank Uslan Charlie Kartler said...

I think "Don't Get A Boner" was just picked up by Fox.

lauraholl said...

it's funny. how many times have we seen UH and other pro WGA sites, blogs you tube clips take a dig at the fact that scripted tv is being replaced with reality tv? and here is the place they say writers are turning to, advertising.. no no.. wiat for it... reality tv!!! that's what game shows come under. ive seen gladiators pounded by blogs and clips for being brought back to fill the gap. and here's strike tv doing exactly the same thing. way to go team!

NB: i dont have a problem with reality/game show writers getting their stuff on strike tv, just that the first shows we hear about being on there are what theyve all said they dont want to watch on the networks day in day out