Rumor Patrol: Conan on Colbert, Colbert on Conan

This tip was sent in from a source in NYC:

A car picked up Stephen Colbert outside his studio tonight and brought him to Conan's taping, and then Conan showed up at Colbert. I guess they are doing their own strike solidarity thing on tonight's shows.
All of the late night hosts have been steadfast in their support of not just their own writers but also the hundreds of employees who were affected by the strike. A Conan/Colbert couch swap (man, that sounds dirty) promises some must-see nonsense. We can't wait.


BeeKay said...

Au contraire, if these two picket-crossers were actually "steadfast" in support of the writers, they wouldn't be allowing serious money to be flowing into the pockets of their corporate bosses, thereby prolonging the strike. Every dime that flows into corporate coffers is keeping the rest of us marching around without income that much longer. Frankly, I'm bewildered by the double standard here, (Ellen/Carson Daily). Glad to know you can't wait, but as for the rest of us, I think we'll pass

PsicopJeffG said...

It wasn't just Conan on Colbert and vice versa...

First Colbert, then Conan were on Stewart (The Daily Show). Than Stewart and Conan were on Colbert. Followed by Stewart and Colbert on Conan. It was all quite funny and trippy, with Conan, Colbert, and Stewart having a "brawl" on Conan's show.

The skits (which have been building to a head for a few weeks now) have nothing to do with the strike (though all three have noted that they would do anything to waste some time while the writers were out).

Spekkio said...

If Colbert, O'Brien, and Stewart had continued to hold out, they would've lost their shows and then their writers wouldn't have a job to come back to, not to mention all of the other employees on the shows. Furthermore, Colbert & Stewart have frequently made their sympathies clear on their shows - especially Colbert's musical number dedicated to his writers.

Anyway, Colbert, O'Brien, and Stewart's fight was hilarious and wonderful.

Josh H. PIlle said...

I do not understand how we can support watching Conan or Colbert during the strike. I understand that they are great in terms of support, but isn't the bottom line that they are producing struck work?

I can understand that, as hosts, they have to appear and fulfill those contractual obligations. But from what I've seen and heard, at least some of them are clearly writing (though it sounds like Conan at least has tried to stay within the letter and the spirit of the WGA rules). But whether or not they are writing or simply hosting, the shows themselves are struck and picketed. How can we say that guests should not appear, but that the public can watch?

I ask sincerely, as a supportive (but non-WGA) union sibling. I do miss my Jon Stewart and my Stephen Colbert, but watching it is like crossing a picket line, no?

ProgGrrl said...

The feud mashup spilled onto all three shows Monday night and it was HILARIOUS.

See all clips here.

Tee hee!

Viva Le Writers (and timewasting feuds to kill time while a deal is struck)!