Bowman: Negotiations Continue, Meeting This Weekend

UPDATE: There will be a WGAw membership meeting on MBA negotiations this Saturday, February 9, at 6:30 PM. Shrine Auditorium, 649 W Jefferson Blvd 90007. Parking at the Shrine will be provided. Members should bring picture ID. Directions to the Shrine here.

The following letter from negotiations chair John Bowman was just sent to WGA members. Clear your weekend calendar, sounds like there will be some news by then. But until then, all we have is speculation. -JA

Dear Fellow Members,

I would like to update you on where we stand with bargaining with the AMPTP. While we have made important progress since the companies re-engaged us in serious talks, negotiations continue. Regardless of what you hear or read, there are many significant points that have yet to be worked out.

In order to keep members abreast of the latest developments, informational meetings are being planned by both Guilds for this weekend – details to be announced. Neither the Negotiating Committee, nor the West Board or the East Council, will take action on the contract until after the membership meetings.

As the talks proceed, never forget that during this period it is critical for us to remain on the picket lines united and strong. We are all in this together.

In Solidarity,

John F. Bowman
Chair, WGA Negotiating Committee


Dennis Wilson said...

I for one am keen to attend this weekend's membership meeting to see if there's any member support at all for the contract terms reported in the press today.

As many of us who are actively walking the picket lines every day have feared, this appears to be a painted-over version of the ramshackle DGA contract, which most of us have said we wouldn't support.

And if my picket line is representative of all the others, we won't. This is a bad deal.

Ruthie said...

Think our negotiators will be good enough to at least send us the brochure a day or two before running the sales pitch Saturday?

Or do you think they'd rather pitch us cold, and cut down on all those pesky informed questions?

Victor said...

Ruthie, I'm not sure the contract language will even be finished in time for Saturday's meeting, if that's what you're asking.

But yeah, I'd sure like to be able to read the hard copy before being sat down and sold on how great it is.