David Blum on "The Cieply Scenario"

We already posted our thoughts on Michael Cieply's dramatic New York Times narrative of how WGA contract negotiations got over an impasse. Now, David Blum has written a very amusing piece in the New York Press parodying Cieply's breathless style... about Michael Cieply.

With the strike now over, there is a lot of talk about "winners and losers," most of which is premature. But pieces like Blum's are useful because they examine how the story of the strike was shaped as it was going on. We hope to be running a few original pieces on this topic soon. We are editing one on the infamous legend of "the Dirty 30" for tonight. Stay tuned.

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Tanja Barnes said...

Dear UH Team,

Thanks for your recent post about how comment moderation to the blog will be "sloooow". It's good to know what readers and participants can expect.

With regards to the recent Cieply piece that sparked discussion late last week, I contacted the Grey Lady and left a comment on their blog pointing back to the UH discussion. I asked them about Mr. Cieply's sources in a media blackout and asked them about how thorough a fact check was done before the piece went to print. The comment was approved, but it was editorialized. A link pointing back to the UH discussion was deleted.

BUT...the comment following mine was approved with a link still intact.

I have since posted another comment (currently awaiting moderation) asking the NY Times for their guidelines and policies regarding links in a comment. I also embedded a link pointing to my website.

FWIW, I too have blogged about the Cieply developments. Perhaps you will allow this comment to be posted with the following link (just in case readers want to learn more). Read all about it here: Strike Chronicles Blog Post: "The Cieply Scenario"