Comment Moderation Will Be Slooooooow

Fair warning! As we prep for the launch of the all-new UnitedHollywood.com, we're also juggling our responsibilities at work.

The main difference you will notice is that comments probably won't get moderated for hours at a stretch. But don't worry, we will get them up ASAP. (The new site will reduce the need for moderation. It'll be cool.)

Also, you'll see that our sidebar is less "strikey."


Ilike2think said...

Will the URL for the new UH be the same? I just want to make sure I don't lose it.

Looking forward.

Becca said...

Glad you're back to work. Looking forward to the new UH.

Rebel said...

Just as a fan, and generally a supporter of organized labor--may it grow!--I hope you keep this site running. Its a wonderful organizing tool, that gives information to the public about how unions function in the highly competitive world of Hollywood. It also helps rally the public to the cause of unions, which has seen decline in union power since Reagen broke the Air Traffic Controllers. Yet most Americans long to belong in one.

I will treasure my WGA shirt forever


Jen said...

I'll take slow comments! It means you all are back at work making the great tv and movies I love!

Luzid said...

Thanks to UH, aspiring WGA members like myself have found another great resource to learn from current insiders (and gotten some real encouragement about our work and future both here and offline, as well).

I hope UH is around for a long, long time. It's a very worthy effort!

collinhead said...

Thanks for coming back! The day my favorite shows went off the air I almost died. I've been in a coma until today. I've missed The Office and Scrubs oh so very much. Life can officially continue, starting Thursday, April 10th. :)

Ok I haven't really been in a coma. But it sounded dramatic. :)

T said...

Who cares. Get over yourselves.

deuddersun said...

"Who cares. Get over yourselves."

We care. Get lost.

On another, brighter, note. I can wait. UH has the possibility of becoming the link by which we all stay in the loop.

I look forward to it's rebirth.


survivor of the fandom wars said...

Will this site be covering the SAG negotiation or should we start looking for a blog from, I don't know, Justine Bateman and Wil Wheaton in the near future? Because someone needs to cover that Ned Vaughn/Ron Livingston smackdown at DHD. :-D