WGA Proposal/DGA Deal Summary Comparison

We've taken down our earlier post comparing the economic values of the DGA deal summary vs. the WGA proposal.

The document we were linking to was an internal working paper, and the figures were premature. Since the comprehensive version of the DGA deal is still not available, final figures can't yet be accurately calculated. We don't feel that it's productive to the discussion to post until the figures are accurate.

United Hollywood regrets any confusion the posting may have caused.


Geo Rule said...

I would like all WGA ninjas to know that it's not already on my harddrive, nosirree! :)

Having said that, I. . . errr. . recently saw a. . uhh. . similar document, and for the first time it was really brought home to me how many rollbacks, large and small, AMPTP is demanding, quite aside from "new media" issues. I think that hasn't been reported as much as it merits.

Rodney Peterson said...

There's a lot there to digest. Even in the posted form it was quite complicated and leaves a lot of room for deep thought. There's nothing easy about any of this.