Grammys: No Pickets

The WGA Board has voted unanimously not to picket the Grammys, which will be taking place February 10th in Los Angeles. From the L.A. Times article:

As it stands, the decision not to picket is a large one, and likely will ease the minds of plenty of musicians who were debating whether or not to attend the ceremony. Thus far, only the Foo Fighters and Beyonce have been announced to perform, and many artists were likely waiting to commit until hearing a WGA decision on the picketing issue.

As a strike captain and one of the founders of UH, I support this decision. Many music artists have been steadfast supporters of the strike and our cause, and I'm glad we'll be honoring their achievements. -- LK


Jake Hollywood said...

And, no doubt, Pat Goldstein's comments in today's Times didn't hurt in making this choice either.

bryn said...

Below is a supportive quote from Viggo Mortensen:

On the Oscars happening: "I imagine they will. I just wish the corporations that are at odds with the writers -- there's a few wealthy individuals spending a lot of money doing [publicity] against the WGA, and it's working, making them look like party poopers.... I just wish they'd spend that money doing what they have to do, which is fair compensation. It's something they're going to have to do eventually -- why not do it now? If the Oscars are threatened, they will be the ones to blame.... I will not cross a picket line, so I hope they get it solved so I can go. I know my mom would like that."

-- Elena Howe, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
(Focus Features)

Jeremy Robinson said...

Bah, it's most likely an olive branch to the studios. Probably not a bad idea at this time. The Oscars should definately be held hostage though.

smart said...

The network you are striking against, thanks you for the ad revenue. I just feel that the pick and choose is tiresome.

Heath Ledger was found dead today, age: 28. A true actor, didn't give a fuck about being a "star", nice to the crew, wild.....will be missed.


Dennis Wilson said...

For what it's worth, I think not picketing the Grammys is the right thing to do -- we have no grievance with recording artists, after all -- provided of course that no scab writing takes place.

Becca said...

This is a good decision that at the right time. I'm relieved to hear it. Who the hell cares what Goldstein said. Most offensive "journalist" I've ever read.

Nick Catalano said...

Kevin Smith had a podcast where he posed a good question: Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno, was nominated for her first Oscar. Should she not attend if it is picketed? She wrote an amazing movie and deserves to be compensated for it, but she also deserves to at least attend an event where she can achieve something that, for many people, is more important than any internet residuals, which is the recognition of her peers of her work.

Now I am not claiming to know what Miss Cody (this is a pen name, I know) wants, or that Kevin Smith's podcasts are a source of serious insight, but as a fan of well written movies I urge the WGA to not only not picket the Oscars, but to attend. I am fine with there being no monologue or major skits, but at least hold the event and have it televised. And show some clips of past movies, especially from actors who passed away in the past year.

Good luck guys.