Jim Lehrer Report: the Internet and the Strike

"The Newshour with Jim Lehrer" (PBS) reported on how the internet is at play in the Writers' Strike. Featuring an interview with Shawn Ryan, and clips from the first Strike TV meeting. Check out the clip at this address:



mheister said...

Can we have a talkback on this LA Times story???



jimmy said...

There is a very good reason the AMPTP reps will never, ever, never, never have, never will, do interviews about the issues of the strike during negotiations.

They simply can't answer any direct questions -- because their position is indefensible.

Expect only press releases and prepared statements where they will not take questions. That's the limit of their ability to defend their actions.

JimBob said...

What Jimmy said.

mheister said...

Jimmy - That and hiring trolls to leave comments on the various blogs.

Al said...

mheister, take off your tin foil hat and answer this...

do you think that everyone who disagrees with you is a paid troll?

do you think this is a business conflict or a PR war? Is the guild that weak that a few blog posts will cause a bad deal to be signed?

Don't you think, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if the numbers make sense to both sides, and everything else is BS?

Just askin'

Becca said...

This was an excellent news piece on the strike and its strike points. Thanks for posting it for us.

Laurence said...


My two cents worth:

Has anyone from the WGA, SAG, DGA contacted Google to make some sort of agreement to create a realtime analytics of downloads, views ,streams??( you could also ask any other search engine company, but Google has the money and the resources to get valid results.)

Have you or any of the Guilds contacted any data mining, data warehousing companies to help in policing / collecting and auditing of Guild created content?

If not why not? Get this set up now as the negtiations are going forward.

Make sure that point of origin of server/download is not used to vacate payment of residuals, ie; if the show resides on a server in Vietnam you still get paid and paid the same amount no matter where such data resides or originates from.This must be non negotiable. Guild created content is Guild created content IS GUILD CREATED CONTENT.

Read what Getty Images did to verify loss of revenue in the November 2007 issue of PDN (Photo District News ) page 14, the QA with Roy Hsu of SAA.

Contact PicScout and see if there is a way to use their skill set to help in creating a auditing system for The Guilds, and leverage the SAA strengths to create a partnership for rights management. This avenue could create an Internet Advisory Committee to help keep AMPTP honest( please no jokes about honesty). Sure SAA and Picscout work only with images but in the online world all data is ones and zeros, and computers have no prejudice about what goes through them.

Transparency and clarity is a must in the distribution model. With that in mind find out what advertisers are using to validate their billing rates to Content Providers in the online world.

These are just ideas and most likely they are actionable items for Guild management or soon will be. I am just frustrated by what I read, it seems to me, that many are looking at one direction when nature tells us to be aware. Have some members looking up, down, behind, over and into the future.Create an agreement with AMPTP that is organic and flexible enough to allow for changes as the needs of the members / Guilds and / or distribution models change. Try not to get married to a distribution model, YOU WILL LOSE.

There is a second part to this that will come at a later date.


Bill said...

Hey while you're posting links, how about this one?


Oh I know, it's from THAT source (corporate tool, blah blah blah....). How about it Patric - what up with that?

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