BREAKING: Ben Silverman Prom Postponed Due to DGA Negotiations

The WGA's sister guild the DGA began formal negotiations over the weekend and announced it was within "shouting distance" of a deal. That being the case, many writers believe it is important to let the DGA negotiate in an atmosphere of utmost seriousness backed up by large, forceful pickets from the WGA.

To support the DGA's efforts, United Hollywood and Hot in Hollywood are postponing the Benjamin Silverman High School Prom originally scheduled for Thursday. The event is postponed, not canceled, because only mean, ugly people would cancel a prom.

Now is the time to demonstrate solidarity and resolve. The organizers of the prom want to save it for when the situation is less delicate, perhaps right after negotiations conclude and a creative, celebratory event would do everyone a lot of good.

Essentially, the DGA is the debate team, and they have an important away meet. Everyone hopes the debate team brings home the big trophy, and we can celebrate together in the next few weeks. Until that happens, come out and support the writers by wearing your school colors of red, white and black. Go team!

You can also buy Strike Swag's limited edition Benjamin Silverman High t-shirts. All profits go to the WGA Foundation Industry Support Fund.

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