We Are Not Alone

We've been hearing from supporters around the world about rallies and picketing in solidarity with our strike against the AMPTP.

An email arrived today from a good friend, Randa Haines (the director of Children of a Lesser God, Something About Amelia, and The Ron Clark Story), describing a very French demonstration of support:

Hello from Paris!

On Wednesday a group that is working to become a kind of French Writers Guild held an event. It was sunny and COLD at Palais Royal where we met and boarded a big double-decker bus with huge banners on the side proclaiming: SUPPORT THE AMERICAN SCREENWRITERS ON STRIKE!! We put on berets and T-shirts with the same message over our big winter coats, and off we went. A band was playing on top of the bus with us as we drove all over the city for 3 hours, with people on the streets waving and giving their suppport. Around and around Concorde we went, down the Champs Elysees, around the Arc de Triomphe, stopping at the Paris "Statue of Liberty" for photos, ending at Trocadero, with the magnificent Tour Eiffel behind us, where many more people met up with us. At each stop, there were lots of media and photographers, tv interviews, etc. It was an exhilirating and happy afternoon. Good food and wine on the bus, of course.

They have their own critical issues here at the moment. The new government wants to change the quota system that all tv stations have to work with, which guarantee a certain amount of original French fiction programming. If they change this, there will only be American series on French TV!

Wishing you all great success in these important times, and know that there is support from your brothers and sisters in Paris! Look at these:



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Captain Obvious said...

The global writing community is definitely aware that what happens here will impact what happens there. They are as worried about (and directly affected by) these issues as anyone else.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say their gracious and selfless support is inspiring to say the least.