Pencils2MediaMoguls Fan Raffle Madness!

Over the past week, several showrunners have stepped forward and set up raffles for fans of their shows who participate in Pencils2MediaMoguls. Here's a rundown of all the prizes so far.

For Criminal MInds fans:
Executive Producer Edward Allen Bernero writes that he will draw a name from the names of the Criminal Minds fans who buy pencils. The winning fan will get a phone call from Ed and as many members of the cast as can get on the phone (Joe Mantegna, Thomas and are others are in the works). The winner will also recieve an autographed script. Make sure you register as a fan of CM!

Ed adds, "Let's show them how many pencils a truly driven fan base can get out there. Thanks, guys. And, by the way, the LOST folks were crowing about how many pencils their fans bought. Let's beat them... AGAIN!"

For LOST fans:
Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse write:

Please join us and support all the writers of your favorite TV shows. So many of you guys have asked what you can do to help and this is it! We're gonna offer three prizes (chosen at random) -- Every box you buy [and enter "LOST" in the "show you're supporting" box] gives you one shot at the raffle.

GRAND PRIZE: A personal thank-you call from us (Carlton and Damon) AND Matthew Fox where we shall do our bestest to answer your questions about the show's mysteries AND a Season 3 DVD set.

FIRST PRIZE: A signed finale script by writers Damon and Carlton and a surprise cast member!

SECOND PRIZE: Signed Season 3 DVD Set (standard and blu-ray!) by the entire writing staff!

Thank you for all your support. We love you and miss you all. And we really hope to get back to work soon!

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
PRIZE 1: A Hockey Game with the Chief. Aaron Douglas will take one fan to a Canucks hockey game, along with another buddy of his up in Vancouver. Type in "BSG Aaron Douglas" to enter your name in that raffle. In the event that the winner of the Aaron Douglas raffle is not in Vancouver, or cannot travel there (on their own dime), Aaron has offered to make a personal phone call to that fan and send a piece of signed memorabilia.

PRIZES 2-5: Calls from Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, or Michael Trucco. All four have agreed to make a personal phone call to fans who win the raffles in their names. Type in “Battlestar Galactica” and then the name of one of these actors, and your name will be entered into a raffle, with the winner in each category receiving a personal phone call from that actor. You can buy boxes of pencils for more than one actor, but each box can only be assigned one name.

PRIZE 6: Jamie Bamber's Towel

Showrunner Ron Moore writes:
No, I haven’t turned this into a porn site.

Or at least, not yet. I hear it’s quite lucrative.

Instead of a phone call, Jamie has offered to sign and donate three worn (as in actually worn, not threadbare) towels to the Pencils campaign. The first two will go to the fans who buy the most pencils in Jamie’s name, while the third will be raffled off at random. The towels will be yours to do with as you wish (insert your joke here) but any and all cloning will be subject to the appropriate international treaty restrictions.
This particular raffle has generated quite a bit of fan interest.

For EUREKA fans:
One supportive fan will receive a phone call from Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter) and co-creator Jaime Paglia, personally thanking them for their support. Make sure you list Eureka as the show you are supporting when you click on the icon.

For ARMY WIVES fans:
For each box of pencils fans buy in support of Army Wives they will receive an entry into an e-raffle where one supportive fan will receive a phone call and an autographed photo from Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden) OR Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc) personally thanking them for their support of the cause and the show. When you buy your pencils to support writers, be sure to indicate if it's Drew or Kim's challenge you're entering.

As for the photo of Kim Delaney, show creator Katherine Fugate adds:
If it ups the stakes any, we'll see if we can get one of those sexy lacy shots that Drew Fuller snatched and hid in his cave for winter.
The Gift Of Lex. A winner chosen at random will receive at phone call from Michael Rosenbaum thanking them for their support of both the cause and the show. Make sure you list SMALLVILLE as the show you are supporting when you click on the icon.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get together and help the BTL people who are out of work?

Anonymous said...

Ewww. Keep the towel. I don't really get too excited over actors. But the fans do so I hope this raises alot of money for the USF.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the money from this will go to the Universal Strike Fund, which will benefit all those who have lost jobs. But A) I'll believe it when I see it B) I'd like to know who is managing it.
C) It's going to take a hell of a lot of money to help the thousands of people who have or soon will lose their jobs over this. Our family will lose $5,000 per month.

Tammy said...

cute idea - hopefully there will be some office prizes soon!

i'm happy to support the WGA!!!

Anonymous said...

If this strike lasts for 6 months like the last one did, then we will lose over $30,000 of our income this year. They say that they are doing this in part to benefit us. So, I better see a pay off like a mother f#@*!r in terms of contributions to my own personal health and pension fund. because let's see...$30,000 invested at........Hmmm:(

WGA4eva said...

wow! I can't believe how many BTL folks follow this site. Thanks for your support!!!

Captain Obvious said...

Sometimes I feel like we're playing Whack-a-Mole with all these trolls.

Sucks, cuz there's nothing good for anything less than 3,000 tickets...

John Aboud said...

Why are all these supposed BTL supporters anonymous? Why are you hiding, my union brothers and sisters? I'm using my real name and posting some incendiary stuff, folks. Step up, or I'll have to assume you are all just Nick Counter's nieces and nephews.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I feel like we're playing Whack-a-Mole with all these trolls."

I'm curious. What is it that is being said here that is so hard to believe? Is it that BTL people will lose their paychecks until the strike ends? Is it that they don't like it? What is it that you consider too over the top to be legitimate? I'm really dying to know.

Anonymous said...

Not all BTL are in a union, John. Are you one the the non-working writers or were you working? If you're not a working writer to begin with what do you have to lose by going on strike?

Anonymous said...

"Why are all these supposed BTL supporters anonymous?"

Just being anonymous doesn't make us a troll. I'm sick of being called a troll because I have the balls to question what the hell your leadership is doing. What about your good friend "Captain Obvious"? Seems to me that he or she's real name isn't "Captain Obvious".

If you're going to insist on real names from everyone who disagrees with you John, then insist upon them from your supporters too.

Anonymous said...

I personally use anonymous because I'm a woman and I'm hot and I once used my real name and got a stalker out of the deal. Good enough for you?

But, as long as I'm always being called a troll, if they are paying people out there to voice MY opinion about losing my job, maybe I should sign up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are a troll, John. Sent here to stir up trouble and cause BTL people to hate writers. Yeah, John. You filthy troll.

taggie2b said...

I don't see how any of the current conversation is relevant to the post. What you should be talking about the fact the Battlestar Galactica is offering up one of the stars used towel. Personally, I feel having someones used towel falls into the creepy stalker category. The other things I would think were alright if I was a fan of those shows.

WGA4eva said...

wow, I had no idea so many anonymous' people followed this blog! thanks for your support!!!!

Anonymous said...

WGA4eva, may I see your birth certificate? I find it hard to believe that your mother named you that. Is WGA4eva your first name or is WGA your first name and 4eva your last name...how does it work?

Anonymous said...

Alright writers. I'm going to bed now. No, not under a bridge. I'm real. A real live BTL who needs you to go to bed now too so that you can get up early and really pitch a giant bitch at the AMPTP. I want you bitching and working on a plan that is really going to end this thing and get us back to work. We are counting on you.

Evan Waters said...

Apparently anything short of bending over and presenting to the AMPTP is not enough for some.

If you're opposed to the writers striking, how do you propose they and other unions (including IATSE) manage to gain any stake at all in the new media market? The AMPTP has clearly shown they're not willing to just hand it over.

Anonymous said...

"If you're opposed to the writers striking"

I'm trying to see where anyone on this thread said they were opposed to the writers striking. Can you direct me to the post to which you are responding?

trolls like to repeat trolls like to repeat said...

"Fan involvement is kind of cool."

Reply: "BTL people hate you!"

"Here's some information on upcoming events."

Reply: "BTL people hate you!"

"Nice day today. Think it'll rain?"

Reply: "BTL people hate you!"

You guys stay on-message more than George Bush. I don't know that we can dignify that as trolldom; it's more like one of those dolls whose string you pull. Nyaah, nyaah! BTL people hate you, too. Four legs good, two legs bad. Attica! Attica! The writers are the evil force behind every bad decision you ever made. The Solidarity Fund, totally made up. We did it just to screw with you! Because getting sued, not a problem! Also, Harry Potter is Satanic.

Let's always change the subject and throw poop, sure, but jeezus, can't you throw it a few more directions? Or do they give you a script and monitor your keystrokes?

And to any REAL below-the-liners out there -- see, I think there MIGHT be one in the thicket -- you have my sympathy and friendship, and my regret that this strike had to happen. I hope to God we can settle it, but these paid lackeys scrawling graffiti are not helping with that.

And now -- how 'bout that post, huh? I think Jamie Bamber looks hot in a towel, and I guess he's actually got a sense of humor. Which apparently doesn't come with the full troll package.

Evan Waters said...

Well, when one sees terms like "pitch a giant bitch" it doesn't exactly come off as a ringing endorsement. There's a certain "We support the strike in theory, but *#@$ you for putting us out of work" tone to it which strikes me as contradictory on some levels.

This drive is trying to mitigate some of the damage that the WGA knows this is causing. Some, not all. Fortunately there's also the MPTF (which covers non-union folks) and the Actors Fund and they may also be able to help- certainly there needs to be organization to make sure that they will be there. But I don't think sniping at what efforts there are to provide financial assistance is going to help. It seems downright counterproductive.

(I'm certain there are almost some trolls in the mix, but I'm speaking to the people who aren't. Hopefully.)

Anonymous said...

No, I seriously would like for you to pitch a giant bitch and get your deal. So you can be paranoid if you want to about it, but I was serious.

Also, we can think that you deserve a fair deal and also think that your leaders are dumbfucks. These two ideas are most certainly not mutually exclusive. You can strike and you can put us out of work to get your deal, but you don't get to tell us what to think, how to feel, what to say, or where and when to say it.

Anonymous said...

You've developed this nice little censorship technique, whereby you attempt to frustrate legitimate posters and discredit the idea that anybody disagrees with you about anything whatsoever. I guess you expect us to be yes men across the board. Talk about being expected to bend over and present. Saying that we want you to get a fair deal isn't good enough. We have to tell you how great you are and how brilliant your strategy is.

Evan Waters said...

Look, I'm not a guild member, and I'm not speaking for them in any way shape or form.

It's just, to me, this is a good thing that they're doing. They're setting up something to raise money for people impacted by the strike. It's a start, and things like door prizes will encourage donations. So I don't think tearing it down is good.

On the general trolling side, I'm willing to believe that there are people here with legitimate grievances. However, I can't help but think it's a bit disproportionate, and you can't tell me that something like "BTW all the showrunners are having a secret meeting and they're gonna cave you're all doomed" isn't the very defintion of what a troll does. So the wariness is understandable.

Anonymous said...

So then, express your feelings to a particular poster about a particular comment. Hold them accountable, make them explain.

I'll say it again, although I'm sure you've heard it so many times.
I support the strike, I just have questions and concerns about the particular strategy that the WGA has taken. And there's not a single thing wrong with that. When your job is removed for you for an indefinate period of time by another party and it is questionable at best as to whether or not you will ever receive benefits...well, then I think you have the right to ask some questions and express some opinions.

You know, people who have the same goal have differences of opinion about how to get there sometimes. A lot of times! It happens in families with regularity. It doesn't necessitate a conspiracy theory designed to discredit one of the parties.

Skyfleur said...

I'm disappointed the Supernatural people aren't part of the raffles ;)

Not that I could win, I think, since I'm overseas but boy wouldn't it be nice to read that fans could get a call from Jared Paladecki or Jensen Ackles (preferably Jensen :D).

Skyfleur said...

anon 9:58pm said I personally use anonymous because I'm a woman and I'm hot and I once used my real name and got a stalker out of the deal. Good enough for you?

Why is it that anonymous people take the comment so literally ?
The question is not that you use your real name, you think skyfleur is my real name ?
The question is that you take one name or more to the point a nick name and stick to it. It's the internet, if you want to call yourself arwenstar? Noone's going to stop you but at least people can differenciate between the mass of anonymous posters and answer properly to each post.

The thing is you don't need to have a blogger account or gmail account to have a name, some people don't and they add a nickname to be separated from you guys because they want to show they have no problem standing up for their position whatever that is. So instead of saying BS like you did, pick a name and stop attacking people because they use a nickname. (I know you might not be the one who attacked wga4ever but honestly I don't give a damn if you're two people or just one, you're just one giant anonymous person for me)

not a troll said...

I'm still wondering how many WGA members voted for the strike and don't make a penny as a working writer all year long. Seems they have noting to lose by being on strike. How many people who post here are working writers, i.e. earned money as a writer in the last 2 years? The showrunners are the ones who have the most to lose, not the wannabes or the usetobes. That's why they are meeting tomorrow, would they be meeting if all were going well on their side. You think we’re all trolls, I think you’re not working writers. So why don’t you post next to your name a credit or two. Let’s see how brave you are then.

lauraholl said...

what about listed on Joss' promise of a drunken phone call? (listed on F4W)

how dare you leave him off the list. obviously someone is trying to sabotage the whedonites so they dont end up with the biggest donation

VDOVault said...

How about all of the anonymous posters pick a pseudonym already...it's too hard to answer legitimate questions when everyone has the same posting name.

You don't have to use your real name but please pick a pseudonym or a handle already if you want what you write to be taken more seriously and to not be shouted down as a troll.

This isn't the ending of Spartacus and I'm not looking to throw anyone to the lions...I'm actually trying to follow the discussions here

ProgGrrl said...

Hi y'all...I'm just a fan (who blogs) and have a question for BTL and WGA folks...I don't understand why the BTL folks are complaining about this strike.

From what I have read, the BTL unions are going to reap the rewards of the WGA's frontline negotiations here. The BTL folks who are in unions - is that a majority of them or a minority? IDK - get residuals into their unions' benefits funds, right? And if the AMPTP rolls back all the residuals on new media - well doesn't that mean that the AMPTP will be GUTTING THE BENEFITS OF THE BTL UNIONS?

*is confused*

Captain Obvious said...

Anonymous @ 9:53 PM:

I wasn't necessarily referring to the contents of this thread.

David Grenier said...

I'm curious. What is it that is being said here that is so hard to believe? Is it that BTL people will lose their paychecks until the strike ends? Is it that they don't like it? What is it that you consider too over the top to be legitimate? I'm really dying to know.

I find it impossible to believe that union folks would shit all over other union folks for standing up for themselves.

That's either the behavior of a Smitheresque sycophant or a troll.

My wife is a ramp agent at Southwest. If the flight attendents or pilots went on strike, she wouldn't be bitching about being out of work, and she certainly wouldn't be scabbing. She'd be on the line with them knowing the stronger the support for the union the quicker the company will be forced to come back to the table.

And she'd know that they'd do the same for her if her unit needed to go out.

moviemaniac226 said...

Oh my geezuz...

A call from Matthew Fox AND Carlton Cuse AND Damon Lindeloff??





Raye said...

To Anonymous of December 2, 9:20 pm.

You're BTL and you make $5,000 per month? I think you'd better send ME some money. I'm a writer, and I don't make anywhere near that much.

Finchlynch said...

I just bought some pencils and then saw this.

I have no issue buying more pencils as I am down for the cause, but where am I supposed to enter the phrases? In the message to executive box? I need that box to send some internet hate machine to the man....for the lulz, of course.

How's this B*%tch? said...


The standard work week is 8 hours a day. IATSE people typically work 12-16 hours a day...which is two days in one. If you think that this is such sweet money and want to work these kinds of hours 5 to 6 days a week, every week, maybe you can. Get a trade, earn the hours, get a sponser, etc. and join IATSE. That way you can make a decent living and maybe you can write in your spare time. Many IATSE do.

If I ever take an action that costs you your job, I will certainly consider giving you some money!

How's this B*%tch? said...

Dear David Grenier,

Just so you’ll know, the other unions have “no strike” provisions which prevent them from honoring another guilds strike. The producers set it up that way intentionally so that we couldn’t support one another. The penalty for violating that provision is anything from being fired permanently (even after the writers get their deal and go back to work) to being personally liable for the loss incurred by the production. This is a significant barrier to ones ability to support the cause, even if they believe it is just. The major complaint from non WGA members who are members of other entertainment guilds, is not that they are striking. The concern is that they had other other options regarding the timing. There is an argument for doing it this way, at this time, and there are some opposing views. It’s not as simple as it looks on the surface. To take the old Bush administration attitude that “you’re in or you’re out” makes as little sense here as it does in Iraq. Just because the WGA believes that this is the best way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the way that gets the best results with the fewest casualties. Now…if they don’t care about that, that’s fine. They would be expected to act in their own self-interest, even at a high price to others. After all, it is the purpose of a guild to look after it’s members. But, to attempt to present it in any other way is absurd. The fact that some of the impacted tradesmen don’t like it does not put them on the other side. We want to get the same results, we just differ on the best way to do that.

Many of us are of the opinion that the producers stink and that they outta cough it up. But this does not mean that we have to think that every action the WGA takes is entirely perfect. It is foolish not to accept the support of people who are supportive of their mission but question their methods. It is even more foolish to alienate those peopl

Sherron said...

Uh, excuse my lay person ignorance, but what exactly is the BTL?

How's this B*%tch? said...


From Wiki...

"In budgeting a motion picture or television production, below-the-line costs include the salaries of the non-starring cast members and the technical crew, as well as use of the film studio and its technical equipment, travel, location, and catering costs, etc. In contrast to above the line costs, the below-the-line budget is usually fixed.

The distinction originates from the early studio days when the budget top-sheet would literally have a line separating the Above the Line and BTL costs."

Some of the below the line positions are:

Director of Photography
Assistant Director
Dolly Grip
Key Grip
Best Boy Electric
Best Boy Grip
Art Director
Set Dresser
Production Assistant

There are many more positions that aren't included here. Typically, there are about 100 BTL folks for every writer.

IA Local 892 said...

And just to be clear about BTL salaries. Pay can vary as wildly for BTL as it does for writers.

The creative workers, DP's production designers, costume designers, makeup artists, the non hourly crew members, can make from $2000 per week to $20,000 per week. Mind you that will probably not be for 52 weeks per year, it will probably be for 30 weeks a year.

None of them make overtime, get meal penalties, etc. Just like the writers.
The hourly workers, set costumers, grip, electric, camera, transpo, get overtime, time and a half, double time, meal penalties, turnaround pay.

As a costume designer, it was not unusual for my crew to take home paychecks as much or more then I made, when I was making $3000 per week, because of all the overtime and penalties.

As a costume designer, I worked 12-16 hour days, with no overtime, no additional pay other than my salary.

I'm pretty sure no one in my department was making less than $25.00 per hour, plus all of the additional compensation, overtime kicking in after 10 hours, daily meal penalties and constant turnaround bumps.

I won't even get into the monies made from epuipment rentals by BTL crew. How much did you make for that electric, camera, grip, prop truck, package on your last show? My best friend, a prop master makes about $40-50,000 in truck and equipment rental per movie, that doesn't include the kickback from the prop house. (but she might only do one movie a year, just like the writer who only does one a year)

My point, I guess, is that BTL is just not that different than the the writers. None of us know what our next job is after the one we're on ends, all of us can be out of work at any time, for an indeterminate amount of time, none of us have any job security. All of us live under the constant threat of unemployment and once again draining our savings, while we wait for our next job.

As a costume designer I will never make a million dollars for one movie. (Neither will most writers) But I can make $10,000 per week. My set supervisor was making $3-4000, and working way more weeks in a year than I will.

I think as BTL crew members, we need to be careful not to make ourselves sound like we are hourly workers at WalMart.

If we're going to reveal how the sausage gets made, let's not be disingenuous.

How's this B*%tch? said...

"I think as BTL crew members, we need to be careful not to make ourselves sound like we are hourly workers at WalMart."

I agree. My point is that $5,000 a month is not a ridiculous amount of money for someone to make for working hours before dusk to hours after dawn, at least 5 days per week. There are a lot of jobs that you could do this many hours and bring home this kind of money. I've sat in a cubicle with my B.B.A. in Accounting from one of the top business schools in the country and made less. I know that it sounds pretty good to your average cubicle imprisoned working grunt (who are not getting a good deal at all). But it isn't as exorbitant as it sounds and it's small change in terms of money made in the industry.

How's this B*%tch? said...

Despite all the inner strife that we've experienced as of late, I do feel that we unions have to stick together. There is no doubt that without the unions we would all be working round the clock with no overtime, no sleep, no food, no lodging, no pensions, no healthcare, etc.

This is not to say that you have to agree with every other guild on every detail of every issue. I think it's normal for families to have their issues, especially when a real inequity exists. By inequity I mean, in this situation, BTL and others lose income with no guaranty of any payoff). But in the end you do have to stick together for the common good.

It really took me a while to accept that this is how the strike is going to go down. It's alot to ask someone to set aside their anger quickly while their family goes without. I still have an occasional flare up of anger over the WGA strategy and the stinginess (sp?) of the companies but it is what it is and at this point my energy is better directed at how to survive and help my friends do the same. Of course, if I can help the writers get their deal, that's good too.

IA Local 892 said...

I also want to make the point that to compare workers in the entertainment industry to workers in other industries, is a basic mistake.
There are few comparisons. I have friends who have watched how we work and cannot understand how any amount of money is worth the conditions and hours, the lack of stability, the uncertainty, and the constant financial threat.
They'd rather work in a cubicle for less, and have lives, families, stability, predictability.
As an IA member I am in complete agreement and support the WGA 100%. I am constantly amazed at the vitriol hurled at the writers, and see none directed at the AMPTP.
Why are we willing to attack another union for standing up against the studios that we know from experience will screw us all six ways to Sunday?

What is this? said...

Yay for raffles! Boo for being a poor college student.

jamie said...

I'm an Aussie who is behind you guys on the strike. What can us Aussies do to help support you guys?