New Video Series: Working Writers Speak Out

This is the first video in a new series hosted on aworkingwriter.com. -JA

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Dissident said...

Listening to this woman pontificate, you might be excused for thinking she'd had a few Oscars under her belt, or an Emmy, or at least a friggin' Cable Ace.

Google her name and your jaw hits the floor. If I had these "credits" at her age, I'd slice my wrists... or go into teaching. The last thing I'd do is make a video with "working writers" in the title.

Why is it that the writers with the least success, the least career prospects, are the most strident about the strike? They're the ones waving the signs, printing T-shirts, screaming loudest at the meetings -- sorry, the "assemblies". You see the pattern over and over.

The simplest explanation I can come up with is that this is the bottom feeders' moment to shine. It's not going to get any better for them than it is now, when they're out there picketing and rallying with real, actual working professionals who make a living at their craft.

Take this woman -- when the strike ends, it's back to obscurity, back to making short films that no one sees. Truly pathetic, and a good indicator of why we as a union are screwed. The least talented are driving this strike because they have nothing to lose... while we, who actually make a living at this, are getting hosed.