Hollywood Interrupted: Serious and Satirical Videos

From our friends at Hollywood Interrupted.

Shemar Moore of "Criminal Minds" on what's at stake:

A holiday carol for strikers, "Studios Can't Kick Us Around":


Macgyver said...

On the DVD boycott, I'd incourage people to buy DVDs of non-US properties. Doctor Who for example.

There's a lot of good shows from other countries that could use the support without hurting the guilds position

ProgGrrl said...

Hi...fangirl/non-writer here.

So I have a ton of fan friends who are all scratching their heads about this - are we fans supposed to be buying DVDs during the strike or not? The writers DO get paid on those...

And what about online services like Hulu? Ignore it? Or support it to show that the internet means serious business (and thereby prove one of WGA's base arguements)?

I realize the WGA is not announcing any strategy here...but fandom is discussing this daily.