Calendar of the Rest of the Week's Events

UNION SOLIDARITY: Mick Betancourt is organizing a group of WGA members to attend a Teamster Rally Against Cross Border Trucking at the Otay Mesa border crossing, 2335 Enrico Fermi Drive in San Diego, on Wednesday December 5th at 6:30 am. For more information, please contact Mick at polythreat@gmail.com.

§ DIVERSITY PICKETING DAY: The WGA Black Writers Committee is hosting Diversity Picketing Day on Wednesday, December 5th at Paramount Studios. Everyone is welcome to join. Remember, it's our differences that make this guild strong, so come out to support. For more information, please contact Jacqueline McKinley at JacMac14@aol.com.

WE CARE PACKAGES: On Thursday, December 8th, Paramount Studio Contract Captains &Teams will be collecting items to send “We care” packages to ten members of the armed forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’ve randomly chosen ten soldiers from www.AnySoldier.com and will send the boxes directly to the addresses provided by the site. These soldiers – and many more like them – have sent their lists to the site requesting items that remind them of home – and that someone cares - such as hard candy, jelly beans, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, pistachios, cookies, and chips, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, DVDs, new magazines, video games, Pop Tarts, Girl Scout cookies, and travel size shampoo & conditioner among other items. Items should be single-sized, and travel well – no chocolate, or anything else that could melt. We’ll post a complete list soon. We’ll also accept cash donations for postage costs – which are $8.00 a box. For more information, please contact Nancy De Los Santos at lanancyd@sbcglobal.net

FREMANTLEMEDIA RALLY & INFORMATIONAL PICKET: Friday December 7th from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at FremantleMedia North America, 4000 W. Alameda Blvd (1 block E of Pass Avenue) in Burbank. Map: http://tinyurl.com/2od3ed (Offices are located in the Citibank Building - but we'll gather on the street outside) For more information, please contact Jayson Pope at jpope@wga.org


Frustrated Bystander said...


Hi Nancy!!

This is a great reminder of the SUPPORT that our creative community can give as a manifestation of Holiday Spirit! For everyone who has spare swag, especially DVDs, the soldiers love these!!!

For all who are thinking about doing something for our soldiers at home, think about visiting a VA or Army/Navy Hospital in your neck of the woods with a group of entertainers and a polaroid camera. Soldiers in these hospitals can then send their unit a picture of how they are doing and that they didn't die. This is a big morale booster for all involved, especially the soldiers still in the field wondering about their buddy.

Happy Holidays.

VDOVault said...

Glad to see the writers are supporting the troops.

Being an Army brat whose father did 2 tours of duty in Vietnam while I was a toddler and then having lived overseas on bases for three years while I was in elementary school, what is often most appreciated by those who serve overseas in wartime or in peace is something that reminds them of their home culture. Bravo to you all for doing that for the current generation of soldiers who unfortunately are in harm's way.

Your Kid at NYU said...

Hey UH -- Please don't forget that there's a WGAE, too! You guys may be on the west coast, but many of your readers aren't, so hearing about events in New York City is just as important!

There are three picketing events held by the WGAE this week, which are all up at the WGAE site. Please don't forget to share those.

Nancy D. said...

The We Care / We Share 'From the Picket Line to the Front Line' collection at the Paramount Picket Line was an overwhelming success. We – Julie Sherman Wolfe, Maria Rodriguez, Kate Axelrod – had a goal of ten boxes, which quickly was filled. We packed twenty-two boxes that were shipped directly to a soldier, Marine, or Airman stationed in the Middle East. And – we have enough items to pack up a few more, which we’ll do over the weekend. Writers are a generous lot! The troops requested reading material - Cris Gage contributed a stack of his graphic novels. Mark Haskell Smith gave a box of his novels. Numerous DVDs, CDs, candy, cookies – and the all important tampons – were collected and packed up. Many writers gave cash – over $200 was collected for postage. The WGA – an organization that does know how to share – made a few soldiers’ day a little easier. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Nancy De Los Santos