This is only a small sampling of what you've been emailing to us. Keep it coming. We'll figure out a way to read it all.

- Prexy Pat on KTLA

- Greg Daniels, showrunner of "The Office," makes our case on E! Online.

- Big thanks to John August for posting a copy of "Not a Word," an ad in which screenwriters pledge to support the strike.

- An op-ed by The Daily Show's Steve Bodow in the NY Daily News.

- GREAT coverage of the action up at the Disney picket by Stephen Falk on his blog, Plaintive Wail.

- Headline of the Day: "Four days in, strike tilts to the writers." Subhead of the Day: "The months of stockpiled shows look to be weeks."

- MySpace.com/support_the_writers

- Fans4Writers.com

- Someone's covering the strike via Twitter. Perfect for all you nerds, hipsters and hideous nerd-hipster hybrids.


John said...

The fans4writers site appears to be borked. Might be trying to install some malware. Just a word of caution

Sarah McKinlay (sadimac) said...

fans4writers site is switching operating systems (at really the worst time possible). We're working on putting up a mirror site.

C. A. Bridges said...

The fans4writers site is in the middle of switching from Windows to Linux, it'll be completed some time today. There's no problems with malware, but it will be annoying until it's straightened out.

Anonymous said...

Good essay from ew.com:


Vickie said...

I just went and checked the fans4writers site and it appears to up and running.

LauraT said...

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You deserve fair compensation for your work. Thanks for your stand on behalf of writers everywhere. Whether we produce business communications or entertainment, it's all a creative product.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple Squidoo pages up now:


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