Housewives and Heroes Walking the Line


Jeff said...

With the substance and quality of most of what comes from this country’s entertainment industry on a daily basis, I for one hope that the writers strike remains permanent.

Have a nice day Hollywood.

allastair said...

Well said Jeff. I am sure that without writers, the most literate element in the chain of film production, the quality of Hollywood movies will actually improve. You're a genius.

bevie o. bleve said...

Good point, Jeff. When was the last time you saw anything good from the likes of Frank Darabont, Marty Scorcese or Bob DeNiro?

Jeff pines for the quality programming of the good old Death Valley Days with Ronnie Reagan. He snorts 20 Mule Team Borax off Pat Boone's crotch on the album covers fromon his Pat Boone record album collection while watching a continuous Bed Time for Bonzo loop.


eugene said...

It's not nice to make fun of Jeff; hatred is the only thing that keeps him going.

Anonymous said...

It's not about writers making/not making enough money, or whether you think their stuff sucks or not...if it didn't sell, it wouldn't get written, period.

The issue is management and executives squeezing labor for yet more concessions time and time again, no matter the industry. It's about greedy companies maximizing their profits and shareholders' trust funds on the backs of the people who actually produce the products and ideas the companies sell.

Go writers! Maybe a missed payment on your studio head's new Ferrari or Tuscan villa will get across the reality of life that most working people face every day in this Great Land of Equality. Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Jeff's right. It's mostly crap, from "Knocked Up" to "Everybody Loves Raymond", the emblem of laugh-track pain equivalent to organ failure or death. Yes, there are exceptions, but it's mostly crap.

Jeff said...


Jeff “hates” because he correctly asserts that the majority of what comes from Hollywood is nothing but garbage.

Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, 24, all examples of magnificent entertainment with such high quality and substance, right strike supporters?

This garbage is not worth the paper it’s written on!

And such an important role all involved fill in society. Where would we possibly be without Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s and 24 right strike supporters?

I’ll take BedTime for Bonzo any day over this human defecation.

Again, I hope the strike Remains Permanente.

el ranchero said...

Bollucks. The Office may be the funniest TV show ever made; Battlestar Galactica can go toe-to-toe with the best Star Trek had to offer; and Pushing Daisies is fantastic, in every sense of the word. You want substance? How about LOST? The Daily Show and the Colbert Report?

Then there's The Departed, The Last King of Scotland, Letters from Iwo Jima, and even Serenity and the Lord of the Rings trilogy...

Hollywood writers are doing a pretty good job if you ask me. Yeah, some of it's crap, but it's always been that way. "Some" books are crap, too.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase one of the greatest writer/directors to work in Hollywood, Billy Wilder, from Sunset Blvd:

"[Jeff] doesn't know a thing about sitting down and writing a picture; he thinks if the strike is permanent that the actors could just make it up as they go along."

Anonymous said...

Ah, those who can't write become teachers, and those who can't teach writing become critics.

If you don't like what writers are producing Jeff, write your own damn screenplays. I'll bet you couldn't make a living.

Anonymous said...

Quality is entirely beside the point. American auto makes have produced shitty cars since the advent of the combustion engine. Nevertheless people buy them. So the question is, who benefits, who has earned whatever profit is generated, and how should the kitty be split?

Producers are positioning themselves to cut writers out of home downloading, which will in 5 years time be the normal way most families view new releases. That is tantamount to busting the union, if you restrict writers to residuals based upon what is broadcast or what runs in theatres.

John said...

Go writers!

Maybe if you make Hollywood writing a better paying position we will have less of these:
- "Reality" shows
- A day in the life of Paris Hilton, and its ilk.
-Game shows where 40% of the footage is dramatic music and another 20% is manufactured suspense.
- Shows that only show clips of other shows.

I'm pulling for you guys! Usher in another golden age of television!

Mnemosyne said...

I’ll take "BedTime for Bonzo" any day over this human defecation.

Do you think it will break Jeff's heart if I mention that his favorite movie was written by -- wait for it -- Writer's Guild members?

Jeff, if you want to get away from all of those damn union writers, you'll have to stop watching any movie made after 1933. Sorry, but those Ronnie Reagan movies will have to go.

Constance Reader said...

There are mountains of high-quality TV scripts and film screenplays out there. You're such an expert, Jeff, you go out to L.A. and convince TV and film studio execs to buy them.

Remember -- you don't see everything that is produced by the writers, you see everything that is bought and greenlighted by the execs. And often those are two veeeeery different things.

A Screenwriter

Jeff said...

Jeff has a real job, one that brings a substantive value to the society in which I live.

All involved with Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, Sex in the City and 24 for example (and most of what comes from Hollywood today), bring no value to this society other than a selfish need to entertain and be entertained by an ever lowering standard and quality of content, most of which is not worth the paper it is written on.

The plug needs to be pulled on the majority of it, sorry Hollywood.

Get real jobs if you want to be taken seriously.

Writing pretend so others can go out and pretend is just not a part of humanity that should be taken very seriously, or have a high value placed on it.

If you feel differently then you are watching Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight Wayyyyyyy too much.

By the way, the best news I’ve heard from all of this so far is that the production of 24 is suspended indefinitely.

Thank God.

Thank you strike.

Just the commercials for this show are an insult.

Silver Owl said...

Keep it going Writers! I'm supporting you.

I purchase your work on DVD and download from iTunes. It is your work that the actors perform that keeps me purchasing and watching. Not the executives.

Constance Reader said...

Oh, so then Jeff, I presume that you NEVER watch television. Or movies. Or plays. Or listen to music. Or read books. Or magazines. You know, since writing pretend is a part of humanity that just doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

Oh, wait, you're happy that "24" is suspended indefinitely? Well then, I guess you DO watch television.

"Have a nice day Hollywood." Looks like you go to the movies a fair bit, too.

So you won't be surprised that I don't take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody watches the same shows ... it would help to have captions identifying these people.

Silver Owl said...

Jeff your arrogance is childish. The whole "my job is important and your job is not important" is immature and economically stupid. Negotiating for pay compensation is an adult topic.

Go play fake manly daddy somewhere else.

boadicea said...

Aw, I see Spammy Jeff's got some acolytes.

This cut and paste is for you, guys.

Interesting, Jeff (and Jeff-bots), that you consider the writers to more to blame for the failure to meet your standards than the actual executives who control what goes out over the cable and into the theatre.

There is crap out there-but if that crap is making studio executives big money, then it is only just that those who help bring that revenue in get a fair share.

Writers are workers. Workers deserve fair pay.

Anonymous said...

Jeff says to go and get "real jobs:. Well, Jef not everyone wants to become a corporate drone. Many of us have jobs that are creative, hard work and - wait for it - fun! Imagine, work being fun! You seem to suggest that somehow we are beneath you because of this? yawn.

Anonymous said...

Like, I think the people in the top picture are Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross, but I have no idea who is in the bottom picture.

jeffk said...

(The other Jeff is an idiot, but we knew that. He also can't spell.)

If you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, very few jobs have any impact at all on society. I know my job doesn't. The corporation I work for does, but it's the big player in it's industry.

Writers, on the other hand, have a bigger impact on society. Sure, they're contributors to much of the crap coming out of Hollywood, but they're also contributors to the good stuff; I would even venture to say that they have a bigger impact on the good stuff then on the crap.

(Idiots like that who drag *my* good name through the mud really Piss Me Off!)

Anonymous said...

The top picture is actually Nicolette Sheridan and Marcia Cross. The second is of actors from the show Lost.

Tobey said...

Actually, Anonymous -

That's Sendhil Ramamurthy and Greg Grunberg from Heroes in the second picture

Anonymous said...

"Lost?" Try "Heroes" like it said in the name of the picture and in the post. On the right, Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman); on the left, Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh).

Anonymous said...

Bottom pic is Sendhil Ramamurthy & Greg Grunberg from Heroes

Lefty said...

Jeff probably wrote his post on a Microsoft-based computer, a product oozing with substance and quality.

And when he gets a blue screen he blames it on the wife/dog/tv/power company/aliens/Democrats.

Anonymous said...

this strike is so stupid. not only do the writers make good money, but they seem to be greedy too. Unions only hurt people. This is not 1850 in Upton Sinclair's Jungle. Its time to live in the here and now. Go back to work and stop this stupidity

Tobey said...


Here's the thing - it's not so much about the union as it is about the writers getting paid properly for the work they do.

Without writers, many forms of entertainment you enjoy would simply just vanish.

Ryan said...

I'm tired of media anyway. I think I'm going to start reading books again. If those book writers go on strike, at least there is a huge backlog for me to catch up on...

Anonymous said...

"Jeff said...

Jeff has a real job, one that brings a substantive value to the society in which I live."

What is your real job, Jeff? I notice you didn't bother to mention that. Maybe you're curing cancer or fighting the Nazis? I know it must be that important, for you to have such contempt for a bunch of incredibly hard-working people who are doing something so insignificant as devoting their lives to bringing a little pleasure to millions of people.

Carl from L.A.
Heroes art department

Constance Reader said...

"This strike is so stupid. not only do the writers make good money, but they seem to be greedy too."

You might want to do a little research before posting a knee-jerk and ignorant comment like that.

Of the 12,000 WGA members who are on strike, 5,000 were unemployed even before the strike began. They were making no money at all, much less good money.

Of the rest, the vast majority make about as much as the typical middle-class wage slave makes. The residuals the WGA is fighting for don't buy vacation homes, they pay the mortgage on the only home between writing assignments. And there is often months if not years between writing assignments.

Most of what even paid screenwriters are working on at any given time is called a spec script. That means that it has not been commissioned and it may never sell and the writer will never make a dime off of it.

Whereas the typical movie/TV exec pulls down about $400k on the low end.

Here's a somewhat extreme, but still good example. In 1994, New Line Cinema bought Shane Black's "The Long Kiss Goodnight" for $4.5 million after a bidding war.

He didn't work again for 10 years. Nobody would even take his calls.

Before you say he didn't work again because "TLKG" was a crappy movie, another tale of what a writer faces. It was a great script (I've read it) but the director and producers forced so many ridiculous changes, the story was destroyed. Even the highest paid screenwriters with platinum resumes (Black's first screenplay was "Lethal Weapon") and the most fought-over scripts often have no control over their work whatsoever, after it gets turned into the studio. Nothing. Zilch. Not only do they have to hand over the baby they've slaved over for a year or more, they have to barbecue it as well (to paraphrase Neil Gaiman).

Jeff said...

Jeff's Back.

Desperate Housewife’s, Scrubs, 24, Sex and the City – yup, what great entertainment pleasure.

Where would we all be without these icons of entertainment value.

What do I watch, not much. I channel surf for about 30 minutes a night then hit the off button. This is what happens when the majority of what is available is garbage.

My job, not really important to mention but I can guarantee that it brings more to the table than anything to do with Desperate Housewife’s, Scrubs, 24, Sex and the City.

No litmus test is being applied to the importance of one job over the other, but you folks in the entertainment industry apply a far greater value to what you do than you should.

Desperate Housewife’s, Scrubs, 24, Sex and the City does not equal relevance in this country – or the world for that matter.

Just cheap, valueless entertainment, like most of what Hollywood presents these days.

Sorry Hollywood, you are not important, and the value you perceive you have in the scheme of things is extremely over rated.

Maybe looking in the mirror at who and what you are and what you do would be a good start for changing things for the better. I’m looking for something BETTER Hollywood.

Care to wake up and reciprocate?

Someone truly entertain me - PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

As a veteran of online forums, I can tell you this off the bat:

Jeff is a troll. He is hoping to get you riled up, and to do so with an efficient words in troll / bites ratio.

Want Jeff to go away? Ignore him.

melior said...

I support the strike!

Good luck and hang strong.

Anonymous said...


You still didn't answer my question. Just what is it that you do that's so important? I'd like a chance to subject you to ridicule this time.

You obviously have no knowledge of any kind of the difficulty of maintaining quality through the often chaotic process of making 50 minutes of finished film product every eight days.

The great majority of every art form is trash. That's true, whether we are talking about TV, 1930's movies, most of which are nearly unwatchable today, nineteenth century opera, oil painting or any other means of expression. Thankfully, not all of it is. Enjoy what you can. No one is forcing you to watch the rest.

Carl from L.A.

David Grenier said...

Look, the issue isn't whether or not writers have some kind of 'social value'. We don't live in an economy where people are rewarded for the social value of their work or in fact where many people have the opportunity to perform work with social value. That would be socialism. Which is a whole other discussion.

In a market economy, you have to take the jobs that are available, but that doesn't mean you don't fight for your interests and blindly accept whatever your boss feels like giving you. If it did, we'd live in a country where everyone worked 16 hour days for free. So you negotiate, and if you stand together with your fellow workers and negotiate together, you all get better deals than you would ever get negotiating seperately. That's all a union is.

Sure, one can argue that movies are crap or athletes are overpaid or its ridiculous that more people vote for American Idol than for President. But none of that is at issue. As long as we as a society are forking over dollars for entertainment, I want the people actually doing the work to get as much of those dollars as possible.

Christine said...

Such vitriol! Gosh, I guess I must be some kind of idiot for actually enjoying a lot of television programs and for believing that writers should be paid fairly for what they do. I hope they get a fair share of new media profits that are making the big guys filthy rich.

Michael said...

I just like to point out that the need to be entertained and the desire to entertain others has a very long tradition in human history. Go back to Aristophanes and Euripides to see that. Now, I'm not saying that all of what we see on TV and in the movies today is of the same quality as a Lysistrata, but it often has the same effect of entertaining people. To help someone take their minds off of their problems for even a short period of time is, to my mind, a very high calling indeed.

Go writers! You deserve to earn fair compensation for the work you do!

Jeff said...

I always find it amazing how quickly one defines a person who says unpopular things as a "Troll."

I find it equally amazing how quickly the best alternative offered to refute those who speak unpopular things is to "Ignore."

Good God you all appear to be Lib-Retards. Gee what a surprise.

Well Hollywood, you can call me a troll and ignore me - but it will never change the truths I believe I have discussed here.

Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, 24 and Sex in the City are all examples of the garbage coming from Hollywood today. Don’t like that truth? Sorry Hollywood. Change it!

Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, 24 and Sex in the City are examples of entertainment that has no inherent value at all. Don’t like that truth? Sorry Hollywood. Change it!

Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, 24 and Sex in the City are examples of entertainment that are an insult to those seeking “good entertainment.” Don’t like that truth? Sorry Hollywood. Change it!

If you are going to write and produce this kind of stupidity for consumption, you better be prepared to deal with valid criticisms.

And valid my criticisms are.

Don’t like that truth? Sorry Hollywood. Change it!

Have a nice day everyone.

Other Jeff said...

I love Scrubs, I think it's one of the funniest shows out there. I, too, have one of those "important" jobs, and I spend a lot of my off-time doing "important" things like keeping up on what's happening in domestic and foreign affairs, staying on top of the political scene and all that. But sometimes, when I'm tired of being so "important" and "serious," and I just want to sit down and chill out, I love to watch me some Scrubs. Or Heroes. Or Boston Legal.

So, sorry, other Jeff, not only do I disagree with you on your assessment of Scrubs, I disagree with you in that I do think the writers have an important role to play in society. Sure, doing "important" and "serious" things is real kewl, but I guess I believe that what the writers do is important, too.

So, yeah, gotta support them.

Anonymous said...

Here's the truth jeff, you aren't worth talking to because you think like a child and just want to call people names.

You say why don't writers get "real" jobs, like your wonderful, meaningful work, and then later say this isn't about comparing jobs!

You keep referring to four television shows (one of which isn't even on air anymore) as Hollywood. That's ridiculous on so many levels, but I'll just pick one: have you ever heard of movies!

The most annoying thing about you is you are coming on to a site about a WGA strike to complain about the quality of US Television. There are other venues for your outrage, some of which will be happy to engage your brilliant arguments (which mostly consists of saying the same thing over and over again). Meanwhile, the strike is NOT ABOUT YOUR LEVEL OF ENJOYMENT WATCHING SEX IN THE CITY.


MAJeff said...

how can your criticisms be valid, Jeff, when you haven't produced any criticism, just claims of badness?

Anonymous said...

Poor Jeff.

Sociopathy at its finest.

Just ignore him, he's begging for attention and admiration.

Just thank god he isn't a writer. His writing sucks.

Anonymous said...

"24" has no inherent value at all? Please. "24" is a brilliant political allegory, using chess as it's primary metaphor. Season 5's Nixon takeoff is one of the best things I've ever seen done on tv. OK, they did stumble last season. But the writers of "24" have just about the best track records of any writers in the business. Joel Surnow, one of the creators, wrote several episodes of "St. Elsewhere" (the best medical drama ever), "Miami Vice", and "The Equalizer". Howard Gordon was a writer and producer on "The X-Files" (one of the best sci-fi series), "Beauty and the Beast", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and "Angel". David Fury is another veteran of "Buffy" and "Angel". Stephen Kronish, a former "24" producer, wrote about 20 "Wiseguy" episodes.

KC said...

I fully support this writer's strike. Writers do not receive enough credit for the things they put so much time and effort into.

Yes, I'll certainly miss "Heroes." But I'm willing to wait until all writers get the recognition they deserve.

Sylvia said...

Michael at 12:26--

Go back to Aristophanes and Euripides to see that. Now, I'm not saying that all of what we see on TV and in the movies today is of the same quality as a Lysistrata, but it often has the same effect of entertaining people.

I agree with the sentiment, but I think you may be selling modern writers a little short. Not everything written in ancient Greece was a Lysistrata, after all--we have the very few Greek plays that survive mostly because they were thought by their contemporaries to be among the absolute best work of the Athenian stage. We've probably lost a lot of good plays from that era; we've surely lost countless more mediocre and crappy ones.

Similarly, not everything written for TV or film today is the best that the medium has to offer. But if we sent back a couple champions for a The Frogs-style competition of funny--say, Aristophanes and Menander versus the head writers of the Colbert Report--I wouldn't bet on the dead Greeks.

The Protagonist said...
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Matt King said...
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Matt King said...

I'm sorry about keeping this whole Jeff shit going but, honestly it is so entertaining so... I've noticed Jeff that you seem to constantly mention the same shows (Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, 24, and Sex and the City). You know what Jeff (can I call you Jeffy?) I'm not a huge fan of Desperate Housewives (that's 'wives' not 'wife's'. Plural, not a possessive) either. I've never really watched Sex and the City that much, and the same goes for 24. I do on the other hand enjoy a good Scrubs episode. I find Scrubs to balance the whole 'humor-poignancy' thing quite beautifully and seemingly effortlessly. Ha, two adverbs. Anyways, I just wanted to know that after your 30 minutes of judgmental shit-picking (also known as channel surfing) do you go to the more "quality" shows? Do you watch Cavemen? Or Carpoolers? Or maybe you watch other shows that might tickle your fancy of apparently good entertainment. I'm not sure because I'm not you. Also I hope you caught the irony in the last 'bit' (the Cavemen bit). Because I don't want to associate myself with people who like those shows. Cavemen and Carpoolers are bad. There I said it.
Anyways, I hate to disagree with you (more irony), but I will anyways. Today's television writing is the best it has ever been. Heroes brings the brilliance of comic book-ish writing and translates it beautifully for the tiny screen in our living room. It portrays characters hit with extraordinary struggles and obstacles. The Office brilliantly portrays the everyday insanity of an office with subtle acting, wonderful comic timing, and relationships that are so real and honest and beautiful that it's one of the only sitcoms that has brought me yea close to a tear. Pushing Daisies is another one with fantastically timed dialogue with beautiful visuals and lovely relationships portraying love and other important things that are integral to the human race.

So Jeff, I guess what I'm saying is maybe you're watching the wrong TV shows, if any at all.

Or maybe you're just being a dick.

Have fun at your important society-saving job. I'll be going to school and looking for one day when I can be an apparently useless television or feature writer. I can't wait to be criticized be you, Jeff.

I support the WGA.

jeff said...

The writers strike continues.

Thank God.

Another day of reprieve from the garbage that emanates from Hollywood and our entertainment industry in general.

What will the fans of Sex and the City, Desperate Housewife’s, Scrubs and 24 possibly do now? Gee, what kind of idiot would feel the need to identify themselves as a fan of some stupid TV show to begin with.

Anyway, I hate to break this to you again Hollywood but you are just not that important in the scheme of things, no matter how hard to try to attach relevance to yourselves.

The world, and those that seek entertainment will be no worse off because Sex and the City, Desperate Housewife’s, Scrubs, 24 and the rest of the crap oozing from Hollywood is missing for another day.

So sorry Hollywood.

I continue to hope the strike remains Permanente.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

LOL! He obviously didn't listen to any of what you guys said in his latest post.

Katie said...

Holy broken record batman!

There are more shitty shows to hate then Scrubs, Desperate Housewifes, 24, and Sex and the City! Hell, one of them has been off for years!

I have to tell you Jeff, you're setting off my grumpy old man alarm... Did someone run out of Preparation-H??

Anonymous said...

There are millions of people around the world, who gets inspiration, creativity and enjoyment from the work that writers do. How dare anyone claim that it's useless? If it was, then nobody would watch TV...

Personally, I find the writing in Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty, Scrubs etc. to be thought-provoking and intelligent. It deals with issues that I can relate to and that inspires me to be a better person.

It's called art, and everybody has their own opinion about what they like.

Go writers!! You have lots of support from your fans!

Jeff said...

Anyone who would think the writing in Scrubs is thought-provoking and intelligent must be a complete Moron.

Anyone who would thinks the writing in Scrubs deals with issues that inspires and makes someone a better person must be a complete Moron.

And anyone who would consider the writing in Scrubs to be art is also a complete Moron.

Just listen to yourselves for Gods sake!

These are just several reasons why this strike must remain permanent.

And this is why the God awful plug of Hollywood needs to be pulled.

My God people!

Matt King said...

Jeff. Jeffrey. Jephtha. Jeffrouge.

What you are desiring, for this strike to continue, would actually impact people, especially in the California region (which I assume you believe to not actually exist). I want this strike to end, but only if the writers get what they most obviously deserve. But back to the impact. It said somewhere in an article I read that this strike, if it lasts as long as the strike in '88, will cost the city of Los Angeles almost 8 billion dollars. Wow. That's a lot of money. In America, you guys call that the green stuff or something right? In Canada, we just call it money. If we referred to a color everybody would get weirded out probably since, you know, our money is a whole spectrum of colors. Anyways, this strike does have impact, and you wishing for it to continue because of the apparently apparent (is that redundant?) atrocities of Hollywood is just... well it's a dickheaded thing to say. Hollywood isn't putting as good of stuff out lately according to you? Fine. No Mr. Ed. Darn. But you know what, thousands upon thousands will lose jobs, have to relocate, and lose a tonne (spelling is Canadian) of money. A whole metric tonne. Okay that last part about the tonne isn't exactly a scientific fact, but it's mostly just to show... oh forget it. What you are wanting, and how you are expressing it, takes your important society-saving job, and tosses its importance out the window and onto a steaming pile of self-centered horseshit. Because only an inconsiderate tool would say all the things you are saying.

Also, again, it's "Desperate Housewives", not Desperate Housewife's. Plural, not a fucking possessive.

I support the WGA.

Kara said...

Wow, Jeff. You must have gotten an A+ in English class considering the fact that you put forth such a convincing argument. Giving personal opinions on the value of something with no factual backing is definitely the way to go. Especially when you are naming the same shows over and over again, and not really responding to the arguments put forth, or reading the responses to yours.

I'd like to ask you something- You claim that most of Hollywood is crap, which must mean you like something. Could you give us an example of what you think is good writing? Or if you simply don't like tv at all, why bother watching?

You claim your criticisms are valid, but you haven’t put forth any criticism. You’ve only claimed that the shows are bad, without giving any examples of why, or going further into detail of what you think is so “bad” about them.

Another thing; this amazingly important job you have- it is a job which applies your talents, etc, is it not? In this world, we have to make money to survive, and I'm sorry, but not everyone is good at math or science or whatever it is that you do in your job. Some people have more artistic talents, and why shouldn't they use them? If people will pay to be entertained by them, why not go for it? If Hollywood disappeared forever, as you are suggesting, they would be forced to do jobs that they aren't as good at, or can't do at all, just to feed themselves. Is that what you want for them?

If you really think about it, no one’s job is very important to society? All we really need is to eat, drink, and sleep. But that’s why we live in a country with such a high standard of living, so we can do more than that. If you want to do things that are so important, why don’t you live in a third-world country and farm to keep yourself alive? I think you’d much rather live here, yes?

For you to suggest that entertainment is so horrid and unimportant, I'm going to assume that you don't read any books, watch any movies, have any art or decorations in your house (which were created by someone with an unimportant-to-society job), or listen to any music. And yet, you keep begging for someone to “entertain you,” meaning that you would pay someone if they presented you with something you found entertaining, because they sure as heck aren’t just going to entertain you for poops and giggles. Well, guess what? Some people find the shows on TV entertaining! It’s their choice which ones they watch. I, for one, do not like anything about Desperate House Wives, to use one of your constantly repeated examples. But just because there’s one bad show that lots of people watch, doesn’t mean that the entire rest of TV is bad. Do you only channel-surf at the same time every night? That’s probably why you haven’t found anything you like- there just isn’t anything you find entertaining on at that time. Try expanding your range of shows you’ve seen before bashing every single one, thanks.

One last question- what do you do for fun? Because you must find that entertaining. Unless you just go to work and go to sleep every day. But if, for example, you enjoy playing golf or something of that sort, there are people who work at that golf course, people who are paid to serve you, to make it look pretty, and people who are paid to make the golf clubs and balls. In the grand scheme of things, those jobs aren’t very important to society, just as the sport of golf isn’t important to society. But you don’t go around bashing those people, do you?

P.S. Only one person called you a troll and suggested we all ignore you. But since you aren’t paying any attention to what is being said to you, perhaps we should just ignore you. Anything we say is just going to be ignored anyways, right?

Thank you for your time.

~Kara a.k.a Gem Gamgee

ama said...

I read something on Variety written by Digg guru Andeersen about how studios don't understand the new media and are thus subject to the perils of piracy. In light of what I've learned about why the writers are striking, I'm downloading with less guilt. I live in France so the shows don't air on the same schedule so I download (illegally, yes) and buy the DVD box sets when they're released to watch and enjoy again. I won't be doing any more DVD guilt redemption purchasing until I know the people who write the shows that entertain me are being paid fairly for the work they do. Period. Considering how much Desperate Housewives, Greys or Heroes season boxsets run for and how many copies they sell, for the studios to insist this is a small matter is frankly bullshit. What is .06% of 60 EUR times 15 million copies? That's what Housewives Season 2 did in France alone. Hmmmm...greedy studios.

Jeff said...

Here are some examples of the brilliant writing from Scrubs. I present this as just a small cross section of the defecation oozing from Hollywood and the entertainment industry today.

A) “J.D. and Elliot find themselves lying next to each other, about to kiss. They close their eyes, but when J.D. makes his move, he opens them to find that Elliot is standing on the other side of the room - they can't do this. However, Elliot tells Turk and Carla that she doesn't want to marry Keith.”

B) ”J.D. has spent the past several mornings the same way: he tells Kim she's amazing and says, "I love you" to the baby but doesn't say, "I love you" to Kim." At the hospital, a patient refuses to have interns treat him; Dr. Cox steps in and tells his interns to do their job. Later, Carla comes home and gives Turk's videogame system to J.D. because it's distracting Turk from their baby.”

C) “J.D. tells Turk that Kim and Sam moved forty minutes away because Kim took a job at another hospital. To make things even worse for J.D., his brother Dan shows up. Outside, a bicycling Ted yells at the Janitor for driving a gas-guzzler. Ted makes the Janitor watch "An Inconvenient Truth," which proves to be an eye-opening experience.”

D) ”J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) continue to seek relief from their problems by sleeping together, but when things start to get a little out of control, Elliot proposes that they become "sex buddies," which seems at first to be the perfect solution. Elliot thinks she has a handle on things, but when Turk (Donald Faison) is forced to take the heat from Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) for her mistakes with one of their patients, he tries to lighten her load by suggesting that her patients switch to the care of other doctors. His good intentions put him at odds with both his friends and they are forced to reevaluate their "arrangement." Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) accuses Carla (Judy Reyes) of making her relationships with her patients the priority over their well-being. Neil Flynn also stars.”

Yup, real talent here. Real entertainment “Art.” Such inspiring creativity.

This garbage is not worthy of human consumption, and is an insult.

This folks is just one reason why this strike needs to remain permanent.

Jeff said...

Are my examples of the brilliant writing behinds Scrubs not convincing enough?

Lets explore Desperate Housewife’s, just for fun:

A) Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle all make excuses to avoid Susan's game night. But when Bree tells Lynette and Gaby about Katherine's dirty little secret, they call Susan back and RSVP, and they all insist that she also invite Katherine since they're hoping to get her tipsy and loosen her tongue.

B) Edie plans to announce her engagement at the party, but Carlos orders her not to. Undeterred, she flashes the engagement ring she bought herself without Carlos's knowledge. Angry over news of the engagement, Gaby tells Carlos she's fed up with waiting for him. In fact, she can get anyone she wants. She immediately starts flirting with Adam. Carlos calls the hit man and tells him he needs to step up the plans for Edie. Edie overhears Katherine jealously chewing out Adam and tells her not to worry, since Gabrielle has a reputation.

C) Gaby tries to reassure Victor that her affair with John is long over and "not a big deal." He's busy trying to figure out how to "spin" the revelation, saying it is a big deal to him. She tells Carlos it's back on since she not only loves him, but the way he loves her, especially compared to Victor. While Gaby is upstairs, Victor asks Carlos how he refrained from killing John when he found out about the affair. He adds that with money, it's easy to make anyone disappear.

D) Gaby is getting tired of having to sneak around to meet Carlos, but he assures her that Edie will only be a problem for two more weeks. Meanwhile, Victor is gleeful when a political rival's wife is caught shoplifting. He tells Edie he's relieved he won't ever have to worry about her causing a scandal.

Boy Hollywood this creativity is just awe inspiring.

I don’t know how any sane human being could possibly survive without the entertainment quality these brilliant writers bring forth.

Strike on - PLEASE!

Jeff said...

Lets not forget Sex in the City folks:

A) Carrie and Aidan are interrupted in bed by the voice of Big on Carrie's answering machine. Though Aidan says nothing, Carrie fears that he'll never be able to forgive her for her affair with Big. She wonders if you can ever really forgive if you can't forget. Carrie works hard to show Aidan that she's a great girlfriend, but he seems distant and angry.

B) Carrie finds out that her building is going co-op and she has to move. Aidan offers to buy her apartment and move in with her. Carrie finds herself both tempted and scared about the idea of sharing her space on a permanent basis. She's even more alarmed when while rummaging through Aidan's clothes she lands upon an engagement ring. It's creates such an internal upheaval, she runs to the kitchen sink and vomits. Carrie tells the girls about her reaction and voices her fears that it's too fast? and that to boot, the ring is not at all her style. Miranda admits that she had helped Aidan select the ring. Carrie nervously waits for Aidan to pop the question and wonders: How do you know when it's right?

C) Steve is feeling insecure, less manly and lopsided with only one ball left. Trey's manhood is also challenged when Charlotte tells him he needs to get his sperm tested since she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. Big is depressed because his new movie star girlfriend is dissing him and he calls Carrie for support, which angers Aidan. Carrie realizes that Aidan still feels threatened by Big. She wonders: Are men just women with balls?

I personally think a Monkey could come up with better content.

Hollywood & entertainment writers - STAY ON STRIKE - PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Jeff. I can tell that you really must enjoy writing. Can you not sympathize for other people? I wonder why you must go around and make such remarks, perhaps you were never accepted into the writing world? Regardless my friend, if you think a monkey can write better things, start writing you monkey you. Maybe we'll have a show from you or something.

Matt King said...

Oh for goodness sake! Learn the difference between plurals and possessives, Jeff.

Oh wait, I get it, you're doing that on purpose. Hey everyone, isn't Jeff, like, the total funniest. Ha ha ha. Being a douche is funny. Humor abounds.

Madness' Mum said...

Err, Jeff, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but summaries of episodes and scenes from episodes aren't examples of the actual writing in a show.

Also, I think it's quite hilarious that you, who can't spell or use correct grammar at all, think yourself a good judge of poor writing.

Keep it up, buddy. You're looking really good in this "debate". Honest.

On topic, I really hope the writers and actors get their share of new media airing profits. I do think, though, that you should change the poor-man argument a bit if a screenwriter gets an average of $62,000 a year. That's actually quite a lot, compared to the average US wage.

Jeff said...

And from another masterpiece of entertainment, “Nip Tuck” we have the following piece of incredible creativity and talent:

“The more Michelle resists Christian, the more he wants her - but her past proves she has a lot to lose. Sean’s concern about Julia and the baby lead him into a compromising situation. Christian accompanies Liz to a Lesbian bar and it becomes a night she will regret for the rest of her life.”

Never mind the monkey.

My 5-year old could come up with a better idea for a story line - and the accompanying script.

This kind of trash isn’t worth 10 grand a year.

Better consider part time night jobs at K-Mart or Target Hollywood writers.

Better yet, make that full time jobs.

If you can all agree to pursue the entertainment writing part-time, perhaps we can limit the country’s exposure to this kind of crap by simply reducing it.

jeff said...

Wait everyone. I've come to a sudden conclusion that I've been wrong this whole time. I apologize (and this is sincerely) about what a tool I've been. I saw my first full episode of Scrubs last night and - I actually enjoyed it. The writing was clever. The acting was smart. The surrealness of the humor was actually right up my alley. Now if we can just get that awful Desperate Housewife's show out of here. Haha. Oh. Maybe I should watch that instead of just reading the synopses.

Sorry again.

Kara said...

Jeff, before someone leaves a snarky comment, I'll reply to your post. Apology accepted (and I challenge anyone who says otherwise!). We all make mistakes like this sometimes; judging things before we actually experience them for ourselves. I know I've done it for many things... Just try to actually watch something before you diss it next time. :D

dekametris vampire III said...

i don't really care about the strike. . . i rarely watch that nonesense crawling out of the bowls of 'holy wood' i'd rather read the gonzo volumes

Jeff said...

Nice try “Jeff imposter.”

How could I possibly have forgotten the creativity and pure art that is behind the series “24?”

“As they reach the platform, Buchanan dives the chopper so that Jack can fire with a machine gun at the men on the deck. Buchanan raises the chopper and is able to land on an upper level.”

“Phillip drags the crying Josh towards the boat and rebukes him for behaving like a child. Josh lashes out physically, and Phillip stops him with a warning that he should not let his emotions control him.”

“Morris tentatively checks in on Chloe because the doctor won’t give him any news. He says that he still loves her, only realizing this after she collapsed and he thought he would lose her. Chloe confesses that she is pregnant. Morris is stunned but happy.”

Yup, the talent represented here is simply astonishing.

Come on Hollywood writers, can’t you squeeze just a little more violence in?

How about some more profanity?

How about some more sexually explicit content?

I think I have finally stumbled over what Hollywood writers are the best at;

“Seeing how much further they can push the standard of decency down the collective throats of America.”

Strike on – PLEASE!

TV will be such a better place without 24, Scrubs, Desperate Housewife’s, Sex and the City and 99.9% of the rest of the garbage that comes from Hollywood and the entertainment industry.


Have a nice day striking writers.