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NewTeeVee writes today about UNDER THE ARCHES, a "reality" show that began as a series of short videos online and is now being turned into a "pilot" by a company called Madwood Entertainment.

NYU student Sean Patrick Murray, who created the show, describes it on Facebook as "8 college kids in NYC, the real "Gossip Girl." You can see the 7-minute pilot there or get a taste here on the Gawker post, which described the show as "reality schtick - [all] about the fast-moving-cloud shots, the angsty Z-100 soundtrack and the whiny blond chicks" and creator Murray as "either a complete genius or a total tool."

According to NewTeeVee, the distribution plan is "to launch a video destination site that will stream ad-supported shows for free" and then “hyper-distribute the show to other video sharing-sites and social networks."

I like that plan to build audience, but whether it's already the big win Murray suggests or just the beginning of a strategy still to be tested, we'll see. What do you think?


AudreyO said...

We are a reality show family. I can't even count the amount of reality shows that get TIVO'd here each week. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

so this is a 20 something drama written for the nets...hey, you gotta start somewhere, but i would really like something produced where the world is made up of people who are also over the age of 30

deuddersun said...

Watch for "The Curse of The Hearse". This is what happens when a bunch of scenic carpenters with a camera, some editing software, and too much time on their hands decides to get "creative", lol!


Joel Davis said...

Don't we have enough reality shows already? What about more basic one hour drama shows a la LAW AND ORDER and NCIS and those?