Wait -- What Are We Voting For Again?

For clarity -- and because not everyone could get to one of the meetings last night in NY or LA -- here's a handy little FAQ for some of the questions we're hearing.

What's the 48 hour vote for again?

It's a vote on whether or not to lift the strike (which in the Constitution is called "the restraining order".) If the vote passes, writers can go back to work.

It's not a vote on the contract, that vote is completely separate, and will be a 10-days' notice vote.

When does the 48 hours start?

It should start today, when we get notified. The notification is the trigger of the 48 hours. The Guild staff are all working like crazy today to make that happen by early this afternoon.

How will we be notified of the 48 hour vote?

By email and robocall. Also, the vote will be publicized on the WGA website, and obviously we'll be talking about it here at UH as well.

When will the vote itself take place?

The goal is Tuesday afternoon/evening. A meeting will be called for sometime Tuesday (48 hours from the time of notification) and will probably be at the WGA Theater.

But it won't be an informational meeting; it's just a time window to come and vote, like a polling place.

Do I have to vote in person?

You can vote in person or by proxy. (Proxy voting is usually by fax.) Because of the time limitations, you won't be able to vote by mail ballot.

If the vote passes, when's the earliest we could be back at work?

Wednesday. And if it doesn't pass, we'll continue striking until the contract vote is done (10 days.)

And what about the contract vote?

It's a separate vote. Voting on the contract will be 10 days' notice.

There will be pro and con statements on the proposed contract, mail-in ballots, and then a meeting for casting ballots in person or by proxy.

What if we vote the contract down?

It goes back to negotiation. As a practical matter, it's a gamble.

It could mean that we get movement on the streaming window (the area of most concern to most people.) It could also mean that the CEO's sweep everything off the table and demand to start over.

But these are considerations for the 10 day period, when we debate and discuss the deal and whether we want to ratify it.

So the most important thing: VOTE.

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Jon V said...

Would dearly love to see this strike over ASAP. I am not a voting member (I lapsed in 1990), but I was struck by what appears to be the most important issue of the settlement as currently negotiated. The producers have EXCLUDED reality and animation from the contract.

This would bother me as a Guild member and it bothers me as a TV and Movie viewer.

Guess what we will be seeing more and more of as the next several years go by?... more of these crap reality shows and more animated movies - neither of which I watch - and both of which are much more cheaply made and tend to be at or near the top end of the ratings and box office indexes. Which direction do you think producers and networks will take our fair mediums?

It would appear as though the 'Big Money' has won again

Jon V