Breaking News: WGA Close to Deal with Weinstein Co.

The Weinstein Co. said today it is close to reaching a deal with the WGA. Company officials said they expected the interim agreement to be signed by the end of the today, Thursday.

If the deal is finalized, it would mark the second independent studio deal the WGA has reached thus far during the strike. Monday, the WGA made a separate agreement with United Artists.

More when (if) this becomes official.


Bartleby said...

Off topic, but it's going to be harder and harder for the AMPTP to say that the new media revenue isn't a possibility right now, when already in 2008, we have the following news announcements:

1. Comcast will be releasing a new high speed modem that allows feature films to be downloaded in roughly 4 minutes.
2. Steve Jobs is going to announce video rentals through iTunes at the Mac Expo next week.
3. Blockbuster is working on a direct to iPod rental kiosk in its stores.

Of course, these things may not take off (I have my reservations about #3), but it looks like its full speed ahead into the digital age from where I'm sitting.

Evan Waters said...

I thought it would be the third- is WWP not fully an independent studio, but just a production company? How's that distinction work?

mheister said...

As soon as I heard about the UA deal, I picked Lions Gate and Weinstein to go next. What's up with the Canadians letting the pugnacious New Yorkers beat them to the punch???

Evan - Miramax was the Weinsteins previous company, which was independent until they sold their souls to the Mouse. When they left, they couldn't even take the name. The brothers Weinstein started up the Weinstein Company and quickly drew a good bit of capital for their slate. It's a truly independent production company.

John843 said...

This is just crazy with little deals made here and their, it seams the studios and the WGA, don't care about the little people working paycheck to paycheck, that is a whole bunch of people out of work over petty little amounts of money now one seams to be able to give on either side both of you should be ashamed.