Dear Ben Silverman: Prom Is Not Canceled

Apparently NBC co-chief Ben Silverman is still thinking like a high schooler.

Talking to E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest yesterday about the cancellation of the Golden Globe telecast due to the ongoing strike, Silverman said, "Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom alive."

So sorry to hear the "ugly nerds" have caused Mr. Silverman's big prom plans to fall apart. Then again, maybe it's the fault of the "big, jock bullies" who won't return to the bargaining table.

Of course, we certainly don't want to deny Ben a prom. And to prove it, UnitedHollywood.com and Hot in Hollywood cordially invite you to:


When: Thursday, January 17th from 11am-2pm
Where: BS High School (located at 3000 West Alameda in Burbank - often referred to as NBC Studios)
Dress: Prom Formal

As a fundraiser for the Industry Support Fund, we are working on printing Benjamin Silverman High School t-shirts. You know, "BS HS."


Dan from Los Angeles said...

Could Mr Silverman have picked anything WORSE to say?

Jefferies@Oakdell said...

Nick is a sweet little piece of ass. Does he put out on the first date?

jimmy said...

I can't figure out which is funnier about that picture, that Nick Counter is the girl, or that Ben Silverman is the boy.


Griffter said...

Wow. That's got to be the worst PR move in history.

I can't believe a real person actually said that. Maybe some of these guys really don't have souls.

Unknown said...

While I agree that this was a really dumb thing to say given how much so many have lost and will lose in this fight and that many of those losing are at the bottom of the food chain, I don't doubt that there are many viewers/fans and BTLers who have a similar feeling.

We cannot count on those not in the fight to understand the nuances of certain actions and this one feels like it punishes an awful lot of people who will hold it against the WGA not the AMPTP. It is much easier for those who aren't in the industry to blame a picket line than a nameless industry.

Anyway, the picture cracks me up.

hollarback said...

You know, it's comments like that that make AMPTP and NBC publicists start drinking in the afternoon.

Wow. He really should not try to talk to the press on his own. He could use a writer right about - now.

aggiebrett said...

Hang on--

As best I can see, in this analogy it's the ugly dumb unpopular nerds who have all said "we refuse to come to the prom," and captain of the NBC men's field hockey team is whining that prom will be ruined unless the rich kids have the nerds there first to decorate, and then to be ignored.

Uh, huh?

Stephanie said...

Wow, I really cannot believe he said that. What a horrible choice of words.

hollarback said...

And what group does Mr. Silverman see himself in?

Caitlin said...

I just wrote a comment at DHD expressing displeasure with aspects of the strike and the writer's attitude. And then there's more proof of just how much worset the AMPTP are. I don't think the WGA is 100% right. However, I'm positive the studios are 100% wrong. And dellusional, and ignorant, and just plain stupic. Come back to the table, idiots. That's all it'll take. You've already lost more than you'd ever have had to pay. You advertise the fact on your own site. Thanks for Ugly Betty, Silverman. Now pull the stick out of your ass.

Viraj Singh said...

that is ridiculous
i was laughing
idk if i was supposed to
but i was

i have started a facebook group
for every 1 member of the group
1 letter is sent to jeff zucker
so support the writers strike
join the group

A-T-G said...

Wow...uh, don't be shy Nick--tell us how you REALLY feel!

And if I can't get down to LA for the ...er..."prom"...will I still be able to purchase a BS HS tee from Strike Swag? 'Cause I SO want one!

So I can remember how much the AMPTP values nerds like me!

VDOVault said...

You all have seen the signage at the following link correct?


Not to mention this oldie but goodie Youtube video


reasonable said...

This is obviously someone who has no sense of culpability.
Not only does this man want his free cake; he wants it served to him & while he eats it believes he has the right to insult those who made it for him.
Anyone who blames the writers for this mess should read this quote.

Funny, though, Ben Silverman looks EXACTLY like every dork whose ass I kicked in High School.

Ken Lowery said...

Why is everyone forgetting SAG's role in this? They're as big a reason as any for the Golden Globes getting cancelled, but no one seems to be talking about them -- on either side.

Josh said...

The AMPTP isn't taking shots at SAG because those are the cool beautiful popular people they want the press to take pictures of them with. Whereas writers are the faceless ugly nerds who a lot of the big guys secretly (well, not so secretly now) hate. SAG is the elephant in the room here ... it's going to be very interesting if/when they go on strike because of the power of celebrity in America.

Emily said...

Am I the only one who doesn't care? I always found these award shows to be boring, to be full of a bunch of elite Hollywood types who think they know what the people think.


Unknown said...

I have long felt that a lot of these guys are the dorks from high school who always saw Hollywood as a way to finally hang out with the cool kids (actors). If it weren't for that they would be out making widgets or being low-rent divorce attorneys or whatever.

And now, it seems, I have found corroboration.

Unknown said...

I don't care about the awards shows either emily, but as someone who loves public perception and marketing (yes I am weird), I kind of want to punch him in the face on behalf of his poor PR reps.

QuoterGal said...

I think Ben Silverman's nerd-and-prom statement is one of the most pathetic and revealing statements I've heard yet from an AMPTP member - and this out of a host of sad and naked expressions of meanness and bewilderment. ("Why won't the smart kids lay down and let the student council run things, huh?")

Mercy, Maude, you can't buy bad PR like that. Or, rather, you can, but the AMPTP apparently doesn't need to.

(Oh, and hells no, Emily, you're not the only one. I think most award shows re-define the word "boring" into a whole new understanding of an eternal and multi-inter-dimensional form of tediousness. Times googolplex.

But if these things matter to those who think they are wielding the powah - and they demonstrably do matter - then the writers need to show the alleged PTB that they can't have want they want until they deal with what's fair. And they clearly want their fancy cluster-fucks [if you'll pardon me and no reason you should] as much as they want their endangered birthday tigers.)

nick said...

In this incestuous business award shows are the mutual masturbation.So the strokefest won't be on tv so what. Actually, thank god except for all the people who just got thrown out of work again. IF THE WRITERS LOSE. THE CREW GETS ROYALLY SCREWED INSTEAD OF JUST BONED WITHOUT DINNER.
This better work.I doubt these two schmucks went to their actual proms

Unknown said...

Best line I heard today re: Silverman's prom comment: Remember CARRIE!

Gee Ben, I wonder how many of the "nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids" will line up to write for YOU when school starts again?

Waitohooru said...

Didn't you watch those high school movies? Everyone knows that the smug, arrogant "cool kids" are the villains! Duh!

Emily said...

So true waitoh. But, I as always the kid in the back laughing too hard at Mystory Science Threatre 3000

Angelica said...

Is this real? Because I want to come. I'm not a writer- yet. But I want to show my support.

BoardWatch said...

I guess I'll be there as I'm an IATSE 728 Member with NO WORK and now my home is facing foreclosure. Funny, that 3 months safety savings that they recommend just wasn't enough. If any rich writers or producers would like to buy a home in a hot neighborhood , let me know... cheap!

RonMotta said...

This is what happens when management goes up against striking writers--the writers will always come up with a more creative and entertaining way of framing their cause.

I'm not a writer, but I know several writers and here's my take on it--it's like you work for a big corporation and you invent something for them. The company says, "Okay, we'll pay you your regular salary and a commission for each production run, which'll become smaller and smaller and smaller until you're getting checks for ten cents. Oh, and we're selling it on the internet, but you won't be getting anything from that. Although we're charging $1.99 for the product, there's really no money to be made on the internet."

Jo said...

ron: Not an analogy that will gain any sympathy since, in most companies, when you invent something, they own the patent and you don't get anything but another line on your resume. Sometimes there may be a token bonus.
You can literally invent an industry-changing aspect of a product and you will be lucky if your name is even remembered. There is no chance of getting paid each and every time said innovation is used.