World Wide Rallies In Support of The Writers!

It's a small world after all - thanks to the Internet (not the theme-park ride). Yesterday was International Picketing Day, and we got emails, links, photos and videos sent to us from around the globe!

Thanks to Jessie Jay for sending these two links:

Australian writers hold rallies in support of WGA.
New Zealand writers rally

Jessie writes, "I love your site and I hope you know how much fans around the world support you guys, and not just those in the same hemisphere as you."

From Montreal

Martine Pagé, a screenwriter, sends this report:

The turn out in Canada was pretty good, including two groups braving
the COLD in Toronto and Montreal! The rallies were organized by the WGC
(Writers Guild of Canada) and the SARTEC (the French language writers
guild in Quebec). There were a lot of newspaper and radio reporters
around as well as tv camera crews.

Here's a video of the bilingual (English and French) solidarity march
today in Montreal.

And here are some photos of the rallies in Montreal and Toronto.

Here's a recap of the walk in Montreal.

And here's a recap of the walk in Toronto.

We're behind you! Don't give up!
Also, check out the AP article and WGA press room collection of photos from the international events .

Thanks again to all who braved inclement weather in different hemispheres supporting our WGA. Appreciate all your sharing!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU to our fellow writers around the world. As I walk the picket lines every day here in Los Angeles, my resolve is hardened by the understanding that the world's writers stand behind us. WGA writers, check out the photos of strike signs held around the world which visually echo our signs. Awesome!

VDOVault said...

Video thread of various solidarity events at:


The Paris rally is truly priceless

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Dublin guild!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not publish what the breakdowns on payments for internet usage to writers in europe are? Embarrass the US corporations for not dealing with the WGA fairly?

Anonymous said...

Aww yay!!! I'm very proud of my fellow Montrealers!!!

Fans WORLDWIDE are behind you, writers! Keep it up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please have a look at this link:
I walked the picket line at the Brandenburg Gate, Germany, and send my support to you! It's also not just the US-writers who are treated unfairly! Even for us in Germany the strike is important because it gives us the opportunity to talk to the media and point to our own situation. We don't get any residuals on DVD or Internet, just to show one example. So your fight really is our fight!

jula meadows said...

And here's what the Writers' Guild of Great Britain got up to: writersguild.blogspot.com

Iki said...

Holy cow, the AMPTP is sooooo losing this battle in terms of public support. It's a whole new battlefield with the internet. Proof that while the congloms are making money from it, they don't really understand it.