One Must-Read Link, Two Mood Lifters, and the Greatest Photo Ever Taken

- Entertainment Weekly has a piece by Mark Harris entitled "Why the Striking Writers Are Right." The sub-head: "Producers are full of reasons for not giving scribes the revenue share they deserve -- and all of those excuses are ludicrous." Oh, Mark Harris went there! You should go read this immediately and send it to everyone with whom you're on speaking terms. And your spouse.

- The WGA has secured the support of "Ask a Ninja." But the Ninja has some constructive criticism. He suggests that negotiating with something called the "Writers Guild of America" is not sufficiently terrifying, and a more fear-inspiring name would make the AMPTP fold. ""If the Dragon Claw Fire Horde comes and asks me for four more cents, I think I'm going to give it to them."

- Slate.com runs a picket line account from screenwriter, author, and one of the few men who genuinely deserves to be called "raconteur," Mr. Neal Pollack.

- We have received hundreds of emails of support from you, kind readers. There's no way this strike could last long enough for me to read them all (bites knuckle). But of all the thousands and thousands of supporters out there, only one of you can do this:


Anonymous said...

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Roger Owen Green said...

When you are ask why you strike, that EW pull quote is as good as any: "Corporations are fond of reminding their employees that they're all a 'family' during tough times. But when families sit down to dinner, Dad doesn't get to say, 'I'm gonna eat until I decide I'm full, and then we'll see if there's anything left for the rest of you.'"

Nathaniel said...

we can't lose now!

we've got the ninja!

Anonymous said...

OK, you HAVE to do a "Viking" theme one day.

PJ McIlvaine said...

How about a "cat" theme?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I've seen that balloon guy at Six Flags before. He's got a website at http://balloon.robtheballoonguy.com/

Anonymous said...

People keep referring to you guys as scribes. Im not one, but that sounds a little demeaning isnt it? That makes it sound like you guys get paid to put on paper someone elses idea. Do writers get offended by that?