Friday's Rally at Fox Plaza

This was just sent out by the WGA.

Tomorrow, join thousands of your fellow writers at Fox Plaza in a major show of solidarity. Do not go to any other picket location. This will be the only picketing to be held on Friday.

Parking in Century City is extremely limited. Carpool if you can. You can also park for three hours in the Westfield shopping center at no charge with a purchase.

Be on time! The police are blocking Avenue of the Stars for this rally, which will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 11 a.m., to be followed by picketing on Avenue of the Stars and at the main Pico Gate.

10 a.m. to 12 Noon – Friday, Nov. 9, 2007

Fox Plaza
2121 Avenue of the Stars, Century City
(between Olympic and Pico boulevards)

Speakers will include WGAW President Patric M. Verrone and Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg. Singer-activist Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, AudioSlave, the Nightwatchman) will open the rally with an exclusive acoustic mini-set.

I'd also recommend checking out your public transit options at Metro.net.

The Big Blue Bus runs every 10 minutes on Pico. You can park at Westside Pavilion and catch the #7 bus at Pico/Westwood or Pico/Overland depending on the structure you park in. The fare is 75 cents.

Other parking options:
Pico between Beverly Glen and Fox Hills Drive (the street just west of Motor) has limited parking.
On Pico (south side) 2 hour parking, but NO PARKING FRIDAY 8:00am-10:00am
On Pico (north side) 2 hour parking (WARNING: Some areas are 15 minute only parking)
On Pico east of Motor: some 1 hour parking spots. Read the signs.
On Motor: 2 hour parking, south from Pico
There are some 2 hour sections on Almayo between Beverly Glen and Kerwood on the south side.
On Beverly Glenn east side, 2 hr parking (west side: no parking Friday until 11:00am)

See you there!
[Acoustic mini-set?!?! Now do we have your attention? - John Aboud]


Anonymous said...

Cinema simulated life in trauma
Forthright culture, Americana
Chained to the dream they got you searchin' for
The thin line between entertainment and war
There'll be no shelter here,
The front line is everywhere.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! :)

Ken Lowery said...

Here's what y'all need to do, and apologies if this has already been suggested/is in the works.

1. Work up a logo for the striking WGA. Something simple. There has to be a graphic designer among us. If not, I'll draft someone.

2. Go to CafePress.com.

3. Put that logo on everything they offer. T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads... but most of all, stickers. Could be simple: Just white text on red background, SUPPORT THE WGA.

4. Get the store linked up everywhere you can.

5. Donate the proceeds to a WGA-related charity of your choice.

This idea brought to you by my desire to put some kind of support sticker on my car...

Anonymous said...

I was among the dozens of WGA members who picketed at UNIVERSAL today.

I waved my sign and encouraged drivers to honk, which wasn't difficult as they seemed eager to honk at anything. I chanted with the group: "I don't know but I've been told, Universal's made of gold. Made their money on writer's sweat, won't pay us for internet." (I even enjoyed Reese Witherspoon's cupcakes - Thanks, Reese!)

Essentially, I did everything I could to make noise and cause a disturbance, hoping it was filtering up to the executive offices above. My goal was simple: drive them crazy. And when I was finished with my assault on Universal, I came home to find I had received something in the mail from, yes, Universal Studios: A DVD and screenplay of Knocked Up written by Judd Apatow. It was accompanied by a folded letter on Universal stationery with the words "For Your Consideration." Odd. I didn't particularly feel like I had given them much consideration at all today. In fact, I had been completely and purposefully inconsiderate, but yet I was now being asked to consider this hilarious comedy as awards season approaches. Seriously, you cannot write this stuff!

The simple truth is that writers need studios as much as studios need writers. And yet we can't seem to sit down at a table and agree on anything.

I can only wonder if tomorrow, upon my return from the rally at Fox, that I will find in my mail a DVD and screenplay for, say, The Darjeeling Limited for my "consideration."

My response to you, Universal, is that I will be happy to consider Knocked Up if you will consider returning to the bargaining table and work out a deal that is fair, especially in the area of new media. You know, the kind that I am posting this comment on right now.

Anonymous said...

Ken, great suggestion. I was also thinking car window flags would be great, kind of tacky but nevertheless attention-getting.

Mark_R1001 said...

You don't even have to PURCHASE anything at Westfield Century City. it's free for 3 hours for everyone. it gets pricey after that though.
Rock on

Anonymous said...

There are various ways to get there via public transpo from The Valley. Hey, I know! This ain't New York and the Subway, BART, The T, etc. But the Commuter Express sure as heck beats trying to park over yonder in Century City! And, hey, with an Ipod and the right sound F/X, you can even PRETEND it's the 7 train from queens - except for the smell of course! Nuttin' of this world can reproduce that.

Anonymous said...

Why is this the only picket place for tomorrow? And why no picketing in the afternoon? Any on the weekend?

VDOVault said...

@ken lowery

Try asking for a graphic in:


You should see all the cool stuff we fan supporters of the strikers are making...I'm sure someone would be happy to make stuff for the writers themselves.

Happy rallying!

John Aboud said...

Only picketing tomorrow is the Fox rally and march after. Nothing on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the petition, has anyone seen any lists of contact #'s for the big meanies - Chernin, Moonves, et al? My husband and I (he's WGA, I'm a wannabe) have compiled most of those numbers and addresses. Would it be helpful to post them somewhere, so people can flood their offices with calls or is this not helpful? We have lots of out of state fanboy friends (who love Heroes, 24, etc.) who would love to call/write and generally bug the hell outta the studios! Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

I saw this posted by someone else on your site -

Did you guys get this contact list in LA on the picket lines, as well?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the link to the flyer from WGAE - contact list of heavy hitters - posted by Johanna previously on your site.


Did the floks in LA on the line get this, too?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have info on disabled parking? I cannot make it if there is none available.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA Tom Morello? Has the war in Iraq ended? Has the Genocide in Darfur stopped? Are people really taking a rich hollywood writers strike as a serious issue?

This is SO LAME. People will be able to smell teh douchbagery from miles away.

Patrick Verrone should be fired. This whole thing has been mishandled in EVERY way.

I support the writers i know who do NOT make a lot of money, but this is not hellping their cause. They need to regroup and stop letting these guys make them look like rich a-holes.

Anonymous said...

It just occured to me that most shows won't even be in production yet by the time this rally is over. Friday's call time on one hour dramas is usually noon or later...

Bianca Reagan said...

How exciting! I hope you get on the news. I don't have anything more clever to say than that.

Anonymous said...

With the substance and quality of most of what comes from this country’s entertainment industry on a daily basis, I for one hope that the writers strike remains permanent.

Have a nice day Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this morning with the mega-rally outside FOX. I recommend someone blares "Invincible" from The Lengend of Billie Jean to help set the mood.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

I have a CafePress account and can quickly design the stuff Ken Lowery suggested but the last thing I want is to look like I'm trying to make money off this situation. Is there a way to set up an account where the the funds go directly to a WGA charity?

Pete Fanning said...

I'm doing my part....I found a neat little graphic (I have no clue who designed it, 100x100) in a Galactica forum that I'm using as a button link to this site from my blog.....

That's my show of support....

Anonymous said...

I work at fox.

I can not take this anymore! Im an aspiring writer looking to help.

I am quitting my job at Fox to support the writers, Im clocking out giving my boss the finger and joining you guys in a few.


chasingaudrey said...

I'm a SAG actor who has a day job and am therefore stuck in an office. I was finally able to sneak out to the rally for a little while today. Just wanted to let you know that some of us can't make it to the lines but we still support you. Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this?


Anonymous said...

When and if the writers come back they all need to write better shows, this year's lineup sucks.
And don't mess with already winning shows. Stop adding romance stories, we're sick of that!