United Hollywood Live

Tune in for another edition of the only show in Hollywood that actually hopes every broadcast is its last, United Hollywood Live (12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern).

Today's special guest will be writer Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Toy Story).

Join the live chat interface by CLICKING HERE (or by using the widget located along the right hand side of UnitedHollywood.com). The show, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, is also available as a podcast immediately after each broadcast via the widget and on iTunes (search: United Hollywood).


samwright23 said...

I'm confused. Has something changed? I listen to you all at work (I'm allowed to listen to music and radio and stuff while I work). I've never seen the chat interface or video, except for 1 time when I was listening at home on my own computer.

Today, I can't even get to a place where I can hear you. A new screen starts to load, and of course when it comes to the video part it won't be able to b/c of the firewall and now I have no way to access you live.

I'm a little upset.

Skyfleur said...

nowlive changed its interface yesterday but you should have able to listen to the show from the UH home page since I had to pause the widget not to get the echo from the new player they have in place.
Try to reload UH page on Friday. It should be working.