Mass Picket at Disney Tomorrow

Could tomorrow be the final mass picket of the strike? One way to help make that a reality is to show up at what could be the final mass picket of the strike!

Send a signal to the companies: If you want to make sure no last-minute legalistic monkey business derails the progress toward a fair and reasonable WGA deal, take a few laps around Disney tomorrow. We even made you a map.

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Unlike previous mass pickets, there is no official theme tomorrow. But there's an implicit one: We're Almost There.


Jake Hollywood said...

Actually, the strike isn't over(nor should it be) until when and if a contract is voted on and ratified...to prematurely end the strike without a signed deal in place would put the WGA in the unenviable position of having no choice but to accept whatever legalease that gets thrown at us.

And as we all know, you're very foolish indeed if you do any work without a signed contract, and so it should be with the negotiations: strike doesn't end until the deal is signed, sealed, and delivered.

And from what I've heard, the membership (that would be those of us actually out on line) still isn't convinced that the deal about to be rammed down our collective throats is the best deal we can get. And we're sincere in wanting the best deal possible and are prepared to stasy out until that happens.

Saturday will be very interesting indeed.

createORdie said...

gas to mass picket. $3.76
power bar. $2.25
ticket on my car for lazily parking. $35.00

being pumped full of false hope that this strike is a done deal already over by UH. spineless.


keep some journalistic integrity and report the facts, not misguided opinion.

Michael said...

since creatordie brought it up, where *is* a good place to park near Disney? I got ticketed too.

John Aboud said...

To jake and createordie:

Dudes. Who said the strike is over? *Could be* over soon. I think we've been fairly clear about that all week.

maynotlast said...

Get it straight UH -- this strike will be over when the WGA members whose lives only have meaning as strikers say it's over! Strike Forever! Deal Never! (Pleeeeease? Because now when I sit in Starbucks all day it's because I'm cool and rebellious and on STRIKE and not because the internet is down at my Aunt Grace's house.)

stuiec said...

John, maybe the wording, "We're Almost There," set off some alarm bells. Until the membership briefings on Saturday, you won't really know how close you are to a ratified contract, because ratification depends on what the rank and file think of what the leadership brings them.

Patience, patience.

Jason said...

I want to VOTE on this. I don't want the board to vote and call off the strike before the membership votes on the contract. This is suspect. Something is going on.

Jake Hollywood said...


You've been out on the line (like I have), you can't deny that the "mood" is that the strike is over, would you?

And if you were at the Mouse today (like I was), it certainly sounds like people feel like it's over.

I'll confess, I'm not in that camp (those thinking it is over), nor are most of the writers I've walked with, both today and at my home location (Paramount)...but you can sense that wave of relief and hope, especially from some of those moderates and from those who were against striking in the beginning. I'm just hoping that common sense prevails and not weakness or fear.

Jen said...

I wonder if that Mass Picket had anything to do with Eisner's press yesterday claiming the strike was over?


MsBrewski said...

I wonder if that Mass Picket had anything to do with Eisner's press yesterday claiming the strike was over?