Instructions on Voting By Proxy -- With Designated Voters Just For You!

From tonight's captains' bulletin:

To cast your ballot in person: Vote at the Writers Guild Theater, 135 S. Doheny Drive 90211. Tuesday, February 12, 2008 from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

If members can't cast a ballot in person: Proxy ballots are available. To vote by proxy, download this form and fax to 323-421-9177. Proxies must be faxed in by Tuesday February 12, by 2 pm, or dropped off at the WGAW office at 7000 West Third Street by 2 pm. Or you may vote by giving a written proxy to any other WGAW member entitled to vote who will be present at the February 12th vote. For further details and instructions check the proxy form.

To vote YES by proxy: if you wish, you may designate WGAW member Patric Verrone, who is willing to collect and vote proxies for any members who want to vote YES. Patric will vote your proxy at the meeting on Tuesday, February 12.

To vote NO by proxy: if you wish, you may designate either WGAW member David Anthony or WGAW member Christian Trokey. Both of them are willing to collect and vote proxies for any members who want to vote NO. They will vote the proxies at the meeting on Tuesday, February 12.

Results of the vote will be emailed to members and posted on the WGA website on Tuesday night after the votes are tallied.

WGAE Instructions: Membership Vote to End Strike scheduled for Tuesday, February 12th, 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1605 Broadway at 49th St., NYC.

(UPDATE added by KP)
If WGAE members are voting by proxy, the should fax their proxy to the attention of Kelly O'Brien at 212-582-1909.

Also, two strike captains in the East have agreed to be proxy voters. You can fill in either Bill Scheft or Susan Kim as your proxy, and they will vote on your behalf. Contact them through email to let them know how you want to vote.

Bill Scheft: tolscheft@yahoo.com

Susan Kim: susan.kim@earthlink.net

Download WGAE Proxy Form (pdf)

Prior to Membership Vote, from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, the WGAE will hold an informational meeting to answer questions on the vote or the tentative agreement. WGAE Leaders will remain available to answer member questions until 5:00pm.


amanda said...

my husband is a crew member and this strike has effected me and my family immensely and I support you and all but please try not to be selfish and think about others like me truly struggling just to put food on the table and pay the rent. It is very hard to support 2 kids with no paycheck. I am currently working 2 jobs and my husband is working 2 as well. We NEED this strike to be over. And you vote no, we all know it wont be over until june.

i am no lawyer but i know that you guys can live with this contract. it is good. is it amazing? no. but you can live with it.

so please for all those suffering like me vote yes.

Dan said...

with the show runners already back at work, what's the point of the vote? What if it's decided that the strike will continue? Will the show runners have to quit, again?

Who's counting the votes?

Jake Hollywood said...

amanda (and whoever else has suffered because of the strike):

As much as I empathize with your situation (and believe me I do--my wife and I actually had to sell the one and only property we owned--taking a loss to do so--to survive until now), speaking for myself, it's my intention to vote "no" on both counts (and in fact, I've already faxed my proxy in).


I believe with all my heart that this "deal" is no "deal" at all. And I'm willing to tough it out a little longer to get the right deal. I know that it means my family will suffer. I know that other families may suffer. And I know I'll be villainized for my vote.

Tough choices come with a price. And that's okay. Sometimes the price is worth the anguish. This is one of those times--for me anyway. I hope you understand and I wish you well.

Luzid said...

@ amanda:

I hope you start saving as much as you can right away once the strike ends (which I'm sure is not easy with the financial losses you've incurred) - SAG may very well go on strike and shut production down again in June anyway. I think this isn't over yet.

@ Dan:

I had the same thought. It's a de facto end to the strike, before the votes are counted.

Their call (and not mine, as I've been so... aggressively reminded.)

Luzid said...

@ Jake:

I admire your taking a tough stand (and not just because I agree with you).

Stay strong!