How to Vote by Proxy and What That Means

Voting on whether or not to lift the restraining order (legal jargon for calling off the strike) will take place in person at two meetings, one in NYC and one in LA.

If you cannot attend the meetings, you may vote by proxy. Today, there has been some confusion on what "voting by proxy" means. Faxing in a proxy vote form is NOT the same as voting. You are designating a fellow WGA member to vote on your behalf.

Obviously, you need to be sure you designate someone who will vote in accordance with your wishes.

Full info:
WGAw web page and WGAw proxy form

Designate your proxy and fax to (323) 421-9177.

WGAE web page and WGAE proxy form

Designate your proxy and fax to (212) 582-1909.

U.H. Editorializing: DON'T BLOW THIS OFF! The west board and east council decided to continue the strike for an extra 48 hours so your voice could be heard. Make the most of it and vote.


ajw11 said...

Help! I live out of state and have no proxy. I want to vote. What should I do????

stuiec said...

To amplify the point: don't skip voting because you assume the outcome is a foregone conclusion. If enough members do that, the outcome will most definitely NOT be a foregone conclusion.

Gwen said...

I need an east member (who plans to vote) to give my proxy to - anyone willing to contact me so you can be my voice? Unfortunately, I will be on a plane when the vote is occuring. Email me at gmcdparker@gmail.com if you can help!
WGAE member

JimBob said...

Obviously, if one wants to vote "Yes" one has only to fax a proxy to the Guild naming Patric Verrone as the proxyholder. My question: has the Guild set up anyone to accept proxies for "No" votes?

Tarfonschild said...

UH -- can you please post the names of members for both WGAW and WGAE who will be willing to be proxy recipients for far-flung union members. At least one YES and one NO member for each category, in each division of our guild. Thank you. You'll be doing a huge service.

hoopcooper said...

So, to vote by Proxy, we need to find someone who's actually going to go to the theater? Or will our proxy to them just roll over with their proxy to whomever they proxy and so on.

Simpler question...is there someone that will be there that you can name who's voting FOR calling off the strike, and conversely, someone who you can guarantee will vote AGAINST calling off the pickets?

Dani Payson said...

Once again I'm hearing on the radio that the strike is over and now they're saying when the shows are coming back.

Big City Guy said...

So we can fax our vote in? So we're voting in public?

That's good work, guys. That leaves us two alternatives.

We fax a "no" vote and get the shaft for eternity from everyone who wants to go back to work.

Or we fax a "yes" vote and look like fools for agreeing to the shafting we just got.

Now there's a choice.

Someone on DDH suggested our votes were meaningless. Not because of a foregone conclusion. But, instead, because the deceit of the past few days makes it so hard to believe the votes will be counted honestly.

A long time ago a guy who worked for a president of the United States said the best thing his party could do was make everyone in America thoroughly alienated so they'd stop voting. Then his party would benefit because they always did better with low turnout.

Roll over me with your car, burn me at the stake, and even though I'm sad to admit it, I'll say it. I'm alienated from this joke to vote.

Will they take bets on this in Vegas? It will be an overwhelming "yes," whether it really is or not. I put a thousand on a 70-30 margin of yes.

jimmy said...

big city guy - I'm not in the WGA and even I get that you're not faxing in your vote. You're faxing in your proxy. That person you assign as your proxy will then submit your secret ballot on your behalf.

what, did you think the term "proxy" was just for kicks?

it's really not that complicated.