La Bruschetta – 1621 Westwood Blvd., 310/477-1052

Owner Angelo Peloni is repeating an offer he made to WGA members 20 years to celebrate the end of the last strike!!

Sunday lunch is on Angelo. He is offering a free lunch on Sunday 2/17 from 12-3 for WGA members – please show your card. You may want to call and make a reservation. Talk about a loyal supporter!


Jake Hollywood said...

I'm hoping that's a misprint, it's Sunday 2/17 not 12/17, right?

Bill said...

How about WGA sponsoring a lunch for the BTL workers in the industry? I have my IBT 399 card ready....oh right, we don't matter to you again.

BTL 399

Jake Hollywood said...

Bill, I'll buy you lunch (even if you probably made more money than I did last year). The BTL does all the heavy lifting, I appreciate it, too.


reasonable said...

I have a deep respect for the BTL. I wish the same could be said for the posters on dividedhollywood.com. The comments re: striking writers were usually very negative. Even people like kimmy2007 posted here several times that writers were being spoiled & the strike was solely the writer's fault.

What is it that you want, Bill?
And pls, be specific.

Bill said...

Ya know, I was just half joking when I wrote that about the lunch. The restaurantuer is the one offering the lunch to the Writers as a thank you.
What I really want is lunch from 4 Star or Tony's catering on a show soon! Maybe we could share a table in the Lunchbox trailer?

BTL 399

Gavin Polone said...

By the way, is it still free eats at Bob's Big Boy?

Purple Writer said...

Been trying to post a note saying what a great time I had today at La Bruschetta's, but I keep getting error messages back. Last attempt. It was real.

mheister said...

Lunch at Angelo's place today was fantastic. Good food, good conversation. Thank you Angelo!