Charlie Craig: Cautious Optimism

The following is from "Eureka" showrunner Charlie Craig's blog "My Second Strike".

I’m sticking by my prediction of us going back to work sometime the week after next, but I caution that is based on optimism, a trait I have little experience with.

One thing’s for sure: in the scenario I just laid out, the shit’s going to hit the fan faster than anyone realizes. The whole hyphenate thing is going to come back. Take me and my show as an example: I obviously won’t open the writers room until a vote’s been taken and the results reported and the strike officially called off… but what about producing duties? If the Guild in the process of calling for a vote and everyone is filled with (again that word) optimism, you know damn well I’m going to start getting calls from Vancouver Production for estimates of when we might be able to go to camera, when they might get scripts, etc. And think about people in the Pilot whirlpool: they’re probably ALREADY back at work, “producing” not writing.

The flood gates will ease open, I guess that’s what I’m saying. There won’t be an immediate flood, just a rising of the waters. In the end, of course, people will still drown.

Unless this is all bullshit and the “deal” falls apart.

Then the actors go on strike. And I sell my house a few years earlier than I had originally planned.

In the spirit of Charlie's boundless optimism, again we strongly advise everyone: take a breath. THE DEAL'S NOT DONE. Things are still being hammered out, contract language is still being drafted.

The best deal comes from staying strong -- and staying out -- in this very crucial time.


Jake Hollywood said...

Saturday's meeting should be interesting, and it'll be fascinating to see the terms of the internet graduated step plan--years 1, 2 & 3, if it indeed holds a flt payment and a percentage.

I run the numbers past people who whould know about such things and they've certaining influenced my thinking.

And I'll be frank, I'm still not pleased (but according to vibe on the line at the places I've walked this week), odds are the tv writers and showrunners will carry the day. Unless, of course, the figures are abysmally low. Then maybe we're still be on strike.

Geo Rule said...

Y'know, as a fan, I think most of us don't really care what decision the guild makes regarding this contract. . . so long as you make it together. Go in the room this weekend and pontificate, opine, laugh, cry, curse, toss mashed potatoes. . . .and then let the will of the majority prevail. Good old Democracy 101. You've stuck together this long, go the last miles together as well, however many of them are left.

The Shark said...

Huzzah for talks! I am definitely taking all this with a grain of salt since nothing is final and it really could go either way, but this is better than the long stretch of "nothing" we had for a while there.

I fully support the WGA and will be very happy indeed when a deal is struck that can allow our writers to receive the recognition they deserve.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Lots of us lowly writers are with you in spirit. Just posted on the Rose & Thorn Literary e-zine -- "Writers Strike for Dummies" here: