WGA Says No Golden Globes Waiver

The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) issued the following statement regarding the Golden Globe Awards today. So despite rumors to the contrary, it certainly does look like the Globes will be held behind a picket line.
Personally, I am still voting for the black tie pickets, and coverage on the Internet of anyone who choses to join us. Of course, since the Internet is so new-fangled and confusing, I'm sure no one will be able to find anything we broadcast. Certainly not with celebrities.

Dick Clark Productions is a struck company. As previously announced, the Writers Guild will be picketing the Golden Globe Awards.

The WGA has great respect and admiration for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but we are engaged in a crucial struggle that will protect our income and intellectual property rights for generations to come. We will continue to do everything in our power to bring industry negotiations to a fair conclusion. In the meantime, we are grateful for the ongoing support of the Hollywood talent community.


intrigued said...

From a strategic standpoint I think this is a good decision.

However, the guild will take a huge PR hit! They overhyped the interim agreement with WWP saying they were willing to reach an agreement with reasonable companies. You can bet that Dick Clark's production company is going to make it well known that he was willing to agree to the same terms as the WWP deal but the writers' selfishly denied the fans and charities the support of the writers for this event!

Sammy said...

I know there has been a lot of hostility toward the WGA for this decision. But as much as I support the WGA, I just can't fully stand behind the decision to picket these award shows. It causes very little pain for the AMPTP, while instead, those receiving awards are the ones put into an unbelievably uncomfortable position. Either accept the award and end up looking like a total jerk, or skip the ceremony and miss the biggest night of their life.

I am all for bashing the AMPTP. There is no denying their greed and corruption. But as far as award show waivers, I think a little courtesy will go a long way. I could understand why the WGA would be reluctant to give waivers, but I think picketing the event is really going to be hurting the wrong people. Look, I want to get these companies just as much as you do, but I think that carrying this out will make the WGA look like the dreamcrushers of all the people who have lived their entire lives just for this one night, and will now have to feel guilty about showing up, if they show up at all.

I have supported everything you have done so far, and as much as I want to keep believing that you made this decision for the right reasons, I just can't say that I'm behind you on this one without feeling like I am lying to myself.

That's just my honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

I can see both sides of this, but I think an interim deal for the Golden Globes should have happened. It gets a few more writers back to work even if it is only for one night. Something to help pay the bills. Although I will watch, for the first time in years, the Golden Globes if there are pickets and a boycott from the usual Hollywood guests. That would be something to remember.

Captain Obvious said...


The way I understand it, the HFPA was seeking the agreement, and not Dick Clark Productions. I'm assuming Dick Clark Productions refused to make an agreement. It is also possible, however, that regardless of what happened the idea was scuttled by the WGA for purely tactical reasons. I don't have the full scoop.

BTL Guy said...

I still think that a waiver denial is a mistake. An even bigger mistake is not giving Dick Clark Productions the same deal that was given to Letterman; a deal that -- apparently -- DCP was willing to sign.

One argument against giving the deal is that it would allow Studios to promote their product -- but this is, in most cases, WGA product, too!

When House or Mad Men or Grey's Anatomy win for best TV show, it reminds viewers of the TV shows they don't get to watch while the Strike is on...

The symbolism of not supporting a show which celebrates the industry is bad enough. On top of that, now you're cutting off your nose to spite your face.

And before too many people start buying what Nikki Finke is shoveling -- the Golden Globes, while still not the Oscars, is neither a "sham" nor a "bogus" outfit.

As a reminder, here's a partial list of talented nominees who could be making eloquent pro-WGA speeches if allowed to attend:







literaturegirl said...

Dear WGA members,

I am an avid supporter of the writer's guild. As an aspiring novelist and screenwriter, I empathize with your position. However, I am also a dedicated film viewer. Awards season is my favorite time of year. I have spent a great deal of money to see ALL of the top nominated films. Many people, including writers, have worked and struggled for years to get some of these films made. The caliber of films, performances, writing, cinematography, etc., this past year has been magnificent. The artists who have created such memorable screen moments deserve to be recognized. But, even more importantly, those of us ordinary citizens who have spent so much time and money this past year to see these great works WANT to see them recognized. We want to cheer for our favorites and enjoy the fact that so many wonderful, incredibly well-written, films have been released in a single year. Since a major studio is not responsible for the Golden Globes, is there not a way for the writers to allow us viewers and supporters of YOUR films and television shows to, for one night, see all those who we have enjoyed, loved, admired, laughed and cried with this year bask in the praise they so richly deserve? Since you have been on strike, television has sadly been lacking in great programs. Please do not deny America one evening of enjoyable television.

Sean said...

I am amazed at the watershed that we have reached --only because the AMPTP did not want to deal...whether you agree or not with who is putting the industry out of work ..the reality is that the internet is the future..and this event has made the future ..now...You have a 70 yr. old guy negotiating for the dinosaur producers who don't understand the web...this is exactly like the moment in time when record labels went belly-up...we don't need the studios...we don't need the networks...everyone will be working again--just under a new module

Jake Hollywood said...

This is interesting to me...a new tactic I guess:

Have you notice that the AMPTP has taken to advertising their new films coming out as, "...written by the same screenwriter who wrote _________"

I first noticed this in the promo for 27 Dresses, which the voice over said was, "written by the same screenwriter who wrote The Devil Wears Prada."

I guess the AMPTP is trying to convince the movie going public that this writer's strike is just imaginary.

And somebody should inform the HFPA [that they've been denied], they're under the impression that the WGA has issued them a waiver. And their show will go on.

PJ McIlvaine said...

I can't believe this bullshit. Why should a bunch of overpaid so- called foreign press get a waiver for a dumb event that nobody takes seriously? They can hand out the awards however they please, they don't need WGA writers to script dumb monologues. Get a grip, people!

Sean said...

btl guy...

just a follow up...times are hard-- whenever there's a major transition... nothing is permanent (life as we know it--working at the studios day-in day out, I had a good job--as I'm sure you did) there will be some insecure times.. but we will be working together again...different sitch...same relationship--without the studios.--they don't see the writing on the wall...if these guys wanted this thing to end --they could stop it tomorrow...

all the best--and I hope--happy 2008

reasonable said...

This refusal to issue the HFPA a waiver will kick the AMPTP in their tiny nethers.

Sorry, sammy, hurmoth, et al.
Marketing is everything to these people.
Cut off the head, the body dies.

G.I.Basterian said...

The strike, now a long, grueling battle of nerves, will be won or lost largely on public and industry opinion. Anything WGA does to damage it's image like messing with awards ceremonies will rebound to it's detriment.

Unfortunately, the media corporations are better at P/R than the WGA-- they SELL the movies the WGA merely writes. The WGA leadership had better get more saavy re: public opinion. Fast!

And you rank and file hot heads getting righteously pissed off had better cool down and consider how the public may see you, rather than focusing so intently on your grievances.

Else, you may go the way of the air traffic controllers.

kimmy2007 said...

This is really getting ridiculous. The WGA picketing an awards show like the Globes is really hitting below the belt. You know what all the writers should be ashamed of themselves for this kind of behavior. What will this prove? that they stuck it to the AMPTP? you think the AMPTP care if the WGA pickets or not? Give me a break, this strike has gone on far too long and has gotten way out of hand. Both sides are now grasping at anything to get an edge in the negotiations which are nonexistient . Get back to what is important here , a deal !

T said...


No one in Hollywood or in the rest of America takes the Golden Globes seriously. Do you really think that seeing a few actors walking a red carpet is more important than the WGA's struggle against corporate greed? Seriously?

It's not like the winners won't get the awards, we just won't be subjected to another lame awards show.

Geo Rule said...

Why aren't people deluging Dick Clark Productions with the message to do the right thing, like Worldwide Pants (i.e. Letterman) did.

That's the real way out of this mess for the Golden Globes for EVERYBODY.

Geo Rule said...

Unfortunately, Dick Clark Productions website at www.dickclarkproductions.com is a hideous flash-only site. But if you go to it and click on the "About Us" link you will then find a "Contact Us" link that will show a form where anyone can urge them to use Worldwide Pants deal with the WGA as a model to save the Golden Globes telecast for everyone this year.

Which is what I just did. . .

intrigued said...

geo rule,

Dick Clark Productions asked the WGA to give them the same deal for the Golden Globes that they gave to WWP.