United Hollywood Live

Tune in for another edition of the only show in Hollywood that actually hopes every broadcast is its last, United Hollywood Live (12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern).

Today, they'll have interviews from Xena Day along with updates from the various picket lines.

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samwright23 said...

I was wondering how "some sources say" that talks are going well and a deal could be made by Friday could be possible?

(CNN reported that this morning...supposidly from the LA Times)

I thought that the negotiations thus far were still informal. Wouldn't them going into formal negotiations be a better sign?

Jake Hollywood said...

I'm trying to figure when the personalities (okay, that's a very loose definition of those guys at United Hollywood Live) say, "We're trying to be funny and upbeat..." If they're actually serious or not.

And I'm still wondering when the "talks" are going to be official. When they are, I'm pretty sure that's when the real negotiations will happen and a fair and reasonable contract gets ironed out.

Until then, I'm just going to be as pessimistic as possible - maintaining that this strike will approach the numbers of the '63 strike...

And then when it's settled before 22 months have passed I'll be pleasantly surprised or really pissed. Depending, y'know?

marj said...

Give the writers what they deserve

Why is it so hard to give them what they deserve, the writers are the ones who make every movie and every show. These actors are making millions off the writer’s ideas and words, the writers should make the big bucks. I watch so many different kinds of shows and every one are so great because of what the characters say because the writers wrote it. I can still watch repeats of shows that went off and I would watch them over and over because again the characters /writing words. I would think you are loosing millions by not having the writers to write the new episodes and movies so get a clue. I do watch the shows and movies because of the actors but I also watch because of the great lines the writers give the actors and make their characters who they are.

Keep our shows on with new episodes.... Please give the great minds (writer’s) what is owed to them.