United Hollywood Live

Tune in for another edition of the only show in Hollywood that actually hopes every broadcast is its last, United Hollywood Live (12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern).

On their tech extravaganza today, guests include Oscar, HuffingtonPost.com columnist Robert J. Elisberg about his experiences at C.E.S. and why the future is now, Kent Nichols, co-creator of AskANinja.com, and David Simkins, aka Tech Jetsam, UH.com's hi-tech columnist extraordinaire.

Tune in by CLICKING HERE (or by using the widget located along the right hand side of UnitedHollywood.com). The show, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, is also available as a podcast immediately after each broadcast via the widget and on iTunes (search: United Hollywood).


Rob said...

A request from those of us not in Hollywood but who are part of union families across the country.... please tell us which late night show is being picketed and which are not. I watched John Stewart twice only to find there is a WGA picket, after watching! Many of us cannot support the strike in person, but are trying to support the strike in other ways by boycotting shows and not watching new media. I live in middle America and didn't realize that I can't watch Bill Maher without being a "virtual scab." As the son of a veteran union construction worker, I won't watch a single show, nor buy products from any sponsor of any show, where there is a picket - but I need to know!

VDOVault said...

Hi Rob

So far the only strike kosher shows are David Letterman's and Craig Ferguson's. Maher is also being forced back without his writers :(

But I'm glad you asked and I hope you spread the word to your friends and family.

VDOVault said...

By the way this was another fun show and it was a kick to have Jeffrey Berman in the chat area (aka the rumpus room) instead of out in the field doing interviews.

But writers especially will benefit from hearing this show getting the skinny on new tech items they can use as well as hearing about the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Nice work Trey Eric Jeffrey Jon Robert & David! See ya Monday!

mickey said...

I hate having my first comment be a complaint - but why do your sound effects have to be so damned ear-shatteringly loud?!