Tom Hanks to AMPTP: Negotiate Seriously, Save the Oscars

According to Reuters, actor Tom Hanks has firmly spoken out in favor of a fair deal for the striking WGA. Read the whole article here.
"I just hope that the big guys who make big decisions up high in their corporate boardrooms and what not get down to honest bargaining and everyone can get back to work."

The star of box office hits "Forrest Gump" and "The Da Vinci Code", and twice a best actor Oscar winner, added that a shift in the way screenwriters were rewarded for their work was needed in the Internet age.

"The delivery systems, the revenue streams, just the very presentation media is now going to be a brand new place," he said in a brief interview on Thursday.
United Hollywood thanks Tom for stating the issue so simply and resolutely. Let us all hope he is heard.


Geo Rule said...

Isn't it a shame that the actors can't be counted on to "bite the hand that feeds them".

kaff, kaff.

Seriously, anyone on the creative side (directors, writers, producers, actors, etc) who have beaten tremendous odds to be successful. . .they'll clam up when things get a little tough because it's the convenient thing to do?

I've never believed that. I love the writers to pieces, I really do, but give your creative colleagues a little credit for having some intestinal fortitude as well.

mheister said...

Welcome news!

It really had to be a Tom Hanks first, as he's not someone who's widely known as an activist type. Nikki Finke speculated that other "Triple-A listers" will follow suit. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Ratchet up the pressure on the AMPTP.

Memo to Verrone and Rosenberg: It's time to hold another rally like the one last month on Hollywood Boulevard.

Amanda said...

I read a comment recently over at Deadline Hollywood, where someone suggested that the WGA Leadership choose a place to negotiate and meet there every morning at 9am, similar the the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's.
Have you guys considered this??

Whoever had the idea is freaking brilliant. I don't know how the press could avoid THAT day after day.
Of course you'd get incredibly bored, but I recomment bringing along a huge selection of board games and a coffee pot. =)

If fans knew about the location, they might even feel inclined to provide lunch once in awhile!

In any case, I hope this ends soon, and that the writers get what we all know they deserve!

B said...

Amanda - I totally agree. Also, in a show of solidarity with his union brothers and sisters, if Mr. Verrone is being paid he should immediately forego his salary until the strike is settled. I don't mean that harshly, a sacrifice of this sort on his part would certainly show his seriousness and would be an additional embarrassment to the highly paid suits.

hollarback said...

B, why would you even bring that up if not to try to make the WGA and its negotiators look bad? Shame on you.

Very off topic.

Evan Waters said...

I agree with Amanda's idea. It would look great.

clappergirl said...

Why now? Tom Hanks seems like a very decent fellow. He is also very cautious politically. And he has a lot riding, emotionally, on "Charlie Wilson's War." It is his baby. Is it possible that he has heard the rumblings about the "awards voter boycott"? The boycott leaders (hollywould_underground) chose to target ONE conglomerate member of the AMPTP (an old labor tactic) -- NBC Universal, the studio/distributor of "Charlie Wilson's War." If "War" lost out in the awards sweepstakes because voters, angry with the AMPTP, withheld their votes from NBC Universal products, Hanks would surely be disappointed.