Support for the WGA in Germany

United Hollywood received two video testimonials from supporters in the German entertainment industry.

Actor-director Andreas Stenschke. (WARNING: Schwarzenegger joke)

And actor Detlef Behr. (WARNING: Ruddy-cheeked, huggable German man)


Rojo said...


So, are Stewart and Colbert scabbing or not? I would have thought this blog would have addressed this question.

I've refused to watch, because in my view they are scabbing, but if WGA folks believe differently, I'd like to hear it.

John Aboud said...

Hello, rojo.

I don't really know. But nor do I spend much time worrying about it. Stewart and Colbert aren't the ones preventing the WGA from getting a fair deal. When they are somehow denying writers residuals, I'll be upset. Until then, I'm not really interested in the percentage of material they're improving.

gobbledygookie said...

Videos no longer available