More Golden Globes: Publicists Tell Zucker Their Clients Aren't Coming

The following letter was sent today from some of the most powerful publicity firms in entertainment to Jeff Zucker of NBC. Thank you, everyone, for supporting us in our struggle to get a fair deal.

Dear Jeff,

We represent a majority of the actors, writers and directors nominated for a 2008 Golden Globe Award, as well as many of those invited to appear as presenters on the January 13, 2008 broadcast. After much discussion with our clients, we have concluded the vast majority of the talent we represent are not comfortable crossing a picket line.

Our clients are extremely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and would love the opportunity to be recognized for their work, but will only do so in the event NBC/Dick Clark Productions reaches an interim agreement with the WGA for the Golden Globes.


42 WestBWR Public Relations
Bragman, Nyman, Cafarelli
IDImage Management Public Relations
Patricola Lust Public Relations
Rogers & Cowan
Nancy Seltzer & Associates, Inc.
Stan Rosenfield & Associates
True Public Relations
Wolf, Kasteler and Associates


BTL Guy said...

Can somebody please clarify what the Golden Globes telecast was or was not willing to sign?

All these people are refusing to cross picket lines and won't attend the show unless Dick Clark Productions "signs an interim deal."

Did DCP offer to sign the Worldwide Pants deal or not?

There seems to be conflicting reports about whether it was the full-blown deal or just a waiver.

If they won't sign the WWP deal, then they're in the wrong.

If they will sign the exact same deal, then someone, please, tell us why WGA won't do it...

Bund said...

Great question btl. Because it looks like they're just asking for a waiver--a weak, weasely way of "supporting" the writers even though it's killing them not being able to start the awards season goldrush for themselves.

Accepting a waiver to go accept your awards would be such a chicken shit move.

VDOVault said...

Wow...I am very impressed that the publicists sent this letter to Jeff Zucker and NBC

They too will be remembered by the fans and viewers in the future should their actor and director clients have to go on strike on July 1, 2008.

If I were the WGA I would try to get the best deal possible from dick clark productions, certainly not one with terms less than those that Worldwide Pants was willing to agree to.

kimmy2007 said...

Now SAG is getting in on the ridiculousness that is this srtike? Is this how the WGA and the AMPTP are going to resolve this two month old strike? SAG is holding the Golden Globes hostage saying that if the actors who belong to SAG cross the picket lines they are in trouble. Well I think everyone who goes to the Golden Globes is a SAG member? So why have the Golden Globes then if nobody will show up? this is really a sad day when awards shows are cancelled or compromised because two Guilds who could have settled this a long long time ago, are fighting over things that really in the end don't mean a thing if you don't actually want to TALK!!!!!
All they have to do is put all their differences aside and get back to talking. Who cares what happened before, who walked out, who is crossing what picket line, what late night show has writers , who does not , who should not be writing his own stuff , who should, Who cares! At this point all is irrevelant . Get back to talking and get this strike over with. The only people hurting here is themselves, and all the business in Hollywood who rely upon shows that have studios near them. and all the crews and extra people who work for a living . The big movie and tv stars who make millions in movies and tv do not worry about paying the bills.They can be out of work for awhile, ordinary people cannot. I feel bad for those who actually did'nt want the strike but were forced along with others to agree with it. If these two sides have any sense whatsoever, they will put aside their differences and get back to the talking.

BTL Guy said...

Word on the street is that WGA will not give the WWP deal to:

Dick Clark Productions (Golden Globes)
Daily Show (John Stewart)
Colbert Report

...even though each of those three entities have said that they will sign the same deal as was signed by WWP.

This is all rumor right now. What's the truth?

I've heard both ways about DCP, the comedy central shows I only just heard about.

Can somebody who knows PLEASE let the rest of us know what's going on?

If WGA is denying waivers, then I get it. If WGA is denying the exact same deal, what's the rationale?

willow said...

Correct me if I'm wrong btl_guy, but I believe the main issue is that unlike WWP, the companies you mentioned don't wholly own their shows... so it would kind of be pointless to make a deal with them that the owner of the show is not required to uphold.

survivor of the fandom wars said...

SAG is holding the Golden Globes hostage saying that if the actors who belong to SAG cross the picket lines they are in trouble.

That's actually not the situation. SAG talked to the actors and representatives to ask them not to attend in solidarity with the WGA. They all agreed this was the best. No one would have been 'in trouble' if they decided to go.

If these two sides have any sense whatsoever, they will put aside their differences and get back to the talking.

WGA wants to talk. They are waiting to talk. Everyone's waiting for the AMPTP to show up so they can talk. Let's please not lump both organizations into the same category here.