Monday: WGA/SAG Unity Rally

This was sent yesterday to WGAW members:

Dear WGAW Members,

As you know, we are currently meeting informally with the companies under a news blackout. However, we would like to take this opportunity to urge you to attend this Monday’s WGA-SAG Unity Day picket at Fox Studios in Century City. More info here.

This joint WGA-SAG picket event will once again demonstrate to the entertainment industry, the local community, and nation our continued support, solidarity, and shared commitment between the Writers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild to reach a fair and reasonable deal as soon as possible to put the entire town back to work.

Spotlighting the essential collaboration and mutual interests of both writers and actors, not only to create quality work but define and secure our primary role in the future of entertainment, this WGA-SAG Unity Day reminds us that the core issues currently on the bargaining table are vital and important to all creative artists, including writers, actors, and directors, whether they work in front of or behind the camera.

A good turnout from both Guilds will illustrate our combined strength and solidarity to show that both our memberships stand behind the WGA's collective bargaining goals and our Negotiating Committee.

We invite you to join us this Monday, as we’re all in this together.


Patric M. Verrone
WGAW President

John Bowman
Chair, WGA Negotiating Committee

David Young
WGAW Executive Director & Chief Negotiator

WGA/SAG Unity Day

Monday, January 28, 2008
Fox Studios
10201 West Pico (& Motor)

Picket shifts are 7-10 AM; 10 AM – 1 PM; 1 – 4 PM
*Dual WGA/SAG members are encouraged to attend 12-3 PM shift as available.

Sponsored by the WGA Union Solidarity Committee
and the Women’s Committees of SAG and WGA


Harold said...

"[W]e’re[*] all in this together.


Patric M. Verrone
WGAW President

John Bowman
Chair, WGA Negotiating Committee

David Young
WGAW Executive Director & Chief Negotiator"

* "We" in "We're" does not apply to those who:

1. Criticize us or otherwise express less than total agreement;
2. Work on "reality" shows;
3. Create animation;
4. Wanted an increase in the DVD residual above the ridiculously low amount that it is now; or
5. Were expecting us to fight for the next negotiation proposal that we will be dropping in exchange for nothing and for which (1) above will also apply in the future.

For all others, we're all in this together.

Jake Hollywood said...

Hey, Harold,

You can save that shtick for the next DGA/WGA Unity Day picket, okay?

Or maybe you can join the John Wells-Craig mazin fan club.

We are in this together. If you've ever been on the line, you'd know that writers actually believe that overall the leadership is doing a good job.

But writers being writers we just like to bitch and moan--if it wasn't the strike, it be something else. It's our nature, y'know?

Rocky said...

Get a grip. Beat a pillow or something. Our leadership is doing a great job.

Harold said...

Jake and Rocky,

Thanks for proving my point. I couldn't do it without you.


Because if I don't think that dumping the DVD proposal in exchange for NOTHING (EVEN IF AMPTP did what it said it was going to do - which was NOTHING if that isn't clear enough for you) was "a good job," I must be John Wells.

Because if I don't think that dumping the reality proposal in exchange for NOTHING after Verrone declared it would be in the next contract was "a great job," I must be Peter Liguori.

Because if I don't think that "interim agreements" (that are actually just strike waivers) with companies that automatically revert to whatever AMPTP finally agrees (making them worthless - not to mention pointless towards ending the strike) are the best thing ever, I must be Jeff Zucker.

Now, there is rumor that the NegCom is aiming for a "face-saving" end to the strike as its goal. I could criticize that as being a shitty goal, but that would probably mean I must be Nick Counter.

But you see, it is EXACTLY backwards.

John Wells doesn't mind the DVD proposal being dumped. That means the current deal (that he liked when he was a WGA president) is the one that remains in effect.

Peter Liguori didn't want to agree to the reality proposal. His network airs the #1 rated reality series on television.

Jeff Zucker doesn't care about the interim agreements. He knows that they don't mean anything either. He just doesn't want those that do think that to have the satisfaction.

Nick Counter wants the NegCom to worry more about how to "save face" as opposed to obtaining agreement on the (remaining) proposals.

So, since I do not criticize those things because I do not like them, and

John Wells...

Peter Liguori...

Jeff Zucker...

Nick Counter...

and YOU...

don't have a problem with them, think about which side you're on again.

I'm just curious that if giving up the DVD, reality, and animation proposals are "good" or "great" jobs in your opinion, how many more proposal giveaways in exchange for nothing do you require for the NegCom to be doing a "terrific" or "spectacular" job?

Would giving away the new media proposal satisfy you?

Geo Rule said...

I'm not sure this is a wonderful idea, actually. Giving a fighting speech to the troops last time was cited by AMPTP as one of the reasons they left the negotiations. Having a big rally and not giving a fighting speech seems like a waste of time.

So, I dunno. Have fun, rally the troops, but don't throw any grenades, 'k? :)

josh said...

Harold--every post you wrote mirrors EXACTLY how I feel.

Not An said...

I'm with you, Harold and Josh plus I think you should add to those who are not included in "we" the following two special categories:

those who have gone back to work under interim agreements which will never be enforced - I'm not sure what that category should be called, they will receive the same terms that everybody else stayed out for

and those who those who loyally still hit the line but whose jobs who have been probably been winnowed out by the (at the least) reduced pilot seasons - they should have a special category of honor

Call me any names you like, I don't hear them.

Rocky said...

You must be Nick Counter or Jeff Zucker. Because, unless you were in the room with the negotiating committee, you have absolutely no way of knowing what was given up for what. You're speculating. You know absolutely nothing. And judging from your SUNNY, CHEERFUL disposition, I'd say your speculation is nothing more than a self destruction mechanism to help you churn up some more stomach acid to feed your bleeding ulcer. Seriously man, you are one angry person. In a previous post I advised you to beat a pillow. I fear, more drastic measures are necessary. Torture a pillow then strangle it and then burn it. If this doesn't take away some of the anger then I would suggest the following: Go to the AMPTP website, print out some of the propaganda, put on a Barry Manilow CD, grab the toaster from the kitchen. Plug it in the bathroom. Fill the bathtub with water...I think you know where I'm going. Have a great day. (Make sure the outlet in the bathroom is not GFI). Warmest regards.

Ken said...

Just checked out these postings. Glad that Jake & Rocky find Harold as sad and pathetic as I do. He's all over this blog trying to discredit anything that isn't his opinion. You got it right, Jake - it's his shtick. We've heard the arguments before. We've seen the attempt to pit wga members against each other. I'm wondering when the fools that post things like this will realize -- we simply don't care anymore about this kind of ranting. BORING and REPETITIOUS. No one wants to debate you or listen to you. And why? Because you go on and on like a broken record. Don't complain here -- we really don't care. And we are definitely okay with that because your attempts at demoralizing and breaking people's spirits – writers and non-writer’s alike -- masked as a "difference of opinion" - is a tactic that we're all too familiar with. So don't complain about us not caring or falling in line as told. And we don’t want to hear about us being closed off from opposing opinions. You have proven yourself to be an individual who will use any excuse to drive a wedge through the very people who are making the sacrifices and WALKING THE LINE. The people who have the integrity and courage to be patient and respectful during one of the most critical periods of these negotiations. Something we all agreed we would do. Something a person without moral integrity would know nothing about. So learn a little bit about humility and shut the hell up. We don't need your instigating comments right now. Go find another group to antagonize.

And to Jake Hollywood and Rocky -- hang in there, guys. Your comments are classy and well received. You stand head and shoulders above the angry and divisive Harold’s, Josh's and Not An's of this world. And Jake - great sense of humor re: Harold's bleeding ulcer.

stuiec said...

not an: "those who have gone back to work under interim agreements which will never be enforced - I'm not sure what that category should be called, they will receive the same terms that everybody else stayed out for"

Don't blame those folks. They are like military units on a front where victory has been achieved: they've done their duty like everyone else. The overarching strategy to fracture the AMPTP is a good one, and it requires that some people be released from the front line before others.

Switching metaphors drastically, the strategy is to get companies on the AMPTP side of the tug-o'-war to let go of the rope. That aloows their employees & contractors on the WGA side to let go as well -- but the imbalance of power means that fewer companies on the AMPTP side feel a lot more pressure from the remaining folks on the WGA side. That's because they start feeling that pressure not only from the WGA team pulling against them, but also the other companies that are now free to make money while they stay tied up in the struggle.

Again, it's a powerful strategy, if you let it work.