Links Roundup for Wednesday:

Former WGA board member Michael Russnow talks about strike issues and residuals, bringing in historical context to the discussion of New Media.

Support from across the pond:

Roger Wolfson in HuffPo: The stakes are higher than anyone's admitting.

And finally, my personal favorite: Robert Iger gets 7% raise to $27.7 million a year. By way of context -- if the WGA got everything it was asking for, it would cost Disney $6.25 million a year.

Mr. Iger could write a personal check to end the strike for his whole corporation -- and still have a little over $21 million left over.


Harold said...

I know Sunday is now a century ago and this is a dead horse, but MediaWeek continues to provide some ratings confirmation of the public's fondness for the Golden Globes (or lack thereof) in its weekly round-up:

"NBC lost plenty of luster at the hands of The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards, which morphed from a live three-hour telecast to a two-hour edition of Dateline ('Going for Gold') and the live announcement of the winners. The expanded edition of Dateline crawled out of the Sunday gate, with 4.41 million viewers (No. 70 overall) and a 1.1 rating/ 3 share among adults 18-49 (tied for No. 79) from 7-9 p.m. The announcement of the winners by Access Hollywood co-hosts Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell scored a mere 6.04 million viewers (No. 56t) and a 1.7/ 4 in the demo (No. 61t) at 9 p.m."

So much for public support for an awards show.

Public fascination with celebrities/actors shouldn't be confused with public fascination with the events that those celebrities/actors attend.

VAGNTLMAN1 said...

OK. This isn't a comment on the original posts, but a question and I don't expect it to be published.....

Why would J.J. Abrams shoot the pilot FRINGE in Toronto next month when so many are out of work in Hollywood? He would have the cream of the crop of below liners if he shot it here, not to mention helping those who are most affected by the strike.

nessie700 said...

the guy from disney makes 27millions a year OMG these people are greedy, 27m and he cant negotiate with people. what is wrong with him did he sell his soul to the devil.