Hollywood Suffers, Viacom Spas

Finally, a solid and completely understandable explanation has emerged for why certain members of the AMPTP are unable to return to the negotiating table.

It turns out that next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the hardworking heads of all Viacom, CBS, and Paramount Entertainment Divisions will be enjoying "award-winning accommodations," "world-renowned" spa treatments," "AAA Five Diamond" gourmet dining, and round after exhilarating round of "championship quality" golf during an executive retreat at The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa.

Oh, and anybody wanna guess where Boulders is located?

No really, go ahead and guess. Because even if we weren't three months into a painful strike, pounding the pavement of our picket-lines, fighting for a fair deal, struggling to make our rent and feed our families...you definitely still can't write this kind of thing.


Carefree, Arizona.

That's right. CAREFREE. Maybe you've heard of it? It's a little town somewhere between Footloose and Fuckem.

Now, hopefully, as soon as Sumner, Les and the gang are finished luxuriating in a cucumber sea-grass body wash, using some of their Internet profits to pay for foie gras, or just telling writer jokes at the spa -- they'll find time in their busy schedules and be relaxed enough to come back to the negotiating table. All of those in the entertainment industry put out of work and hurt by the strike sure would appreciate it.

Of course, if you'd like to leave a personal message at the front desk so the staff can pass that along, beginning Sunday, January 13, they can be reached toll-free at:

The Boulders Resort
34631 N. Tom Darlington Dr.
Carefree, AZ 85377
(866) 397-6520

Enjoy your stay, folks.


Richard Cosgrove said...

>> Oh, and anybody wanna guess where
>> Boulders is located?

>> Carefree, Arizona.


Do these guys ever listen to PRs?

Oh, right. They don't need to. They own all the news media.

- Richard

intrigued said...

The WGA gave them back "The Late Show" and "The Late Late Show" show they are off celebrating.

All kidding aside, the writers here gleefully brag about how much pain they are afflicting on the AMPTP with UA deal, NLRB charges, pressure from investors, etc. but then you keep complaining that they won't return to table and negotiate and instead are off relaxing and playing golf.

Do you get the insanity of it all??? You can't have it both ways. Either they are suffering and feeling the pressure or they are CAREFREE. Wake up and understand that this strike is not hurting the AMPTP exectutives or their companies nearly as much as you would like to believe (if at all).

Now for my two cents, I believe if the writers send a delegation to picket the resort and disrupt their vacation - That would have more of an impact on them than most of the other nonsense that the writers claim as victories over the AMPTP.

Krono said...


The studio's as a whole are feeling the pressure. The executives are too arrogant to care about that though. They've hired other people to worry about such things, and they've probably all got golden parachute's anyway.

jimmy said...

Yes, intrigued. The point her is precisely that these executives, no matter what happens during the strike, will not only never allow themselves to make any personal sacrifice, they have the arrogance to actually flaunt while their employees suffer.

For what? 1 percent.

This points out that these people cannot be dealt with as reasonable adults. They must be shamed into doing the right thing, because they will not do it on their own.

Let's say there was actually a reasonable argument for all of this being the writers fault...should these guys be going on a lavish retreat?? NOW???

They are so out of touch its disgusting.

People please... said...

Let's take our red shirts on a road trip!

RaisedByMongrels said...

"Let's take our red shirts on a road trip!"

Ha! Great idea. You guys should go picket the spa.

intrigued said...


i'm curious at what exactly do you mean by the studios as a whole are feeling the pressure but the executives don't care?

I have no idea who or what the studios as whole are/is, but are you aware that the executives that you say don't care are the ones the WGA are trying to make a deal with? So, although I'm not sure who or what you think is feeling the pressure, but you are conceding in your statement that the people you are negotiating against aren't feeling it.

ChuckT said...

raised by mongrels and intrigued, the writers going to Arizona to picket at the spa seems like it would be a good idea. But the writers have been on strike and unemployed for over two months. How are they going to afford to pay for airfare and motel rooms?

Haugco said...

I thought this was a family blog.

Anonymous said...

I think these guys are on vacation because this whole thing is going just the way they want it to go. I saw an article that said next week they can start lay-offs since the strike has been on for 60 days.
They'll reduce show-staffs industry-wide and then give the whoever is left what they want. Genius, you have to admit.

Mike said...

Why should poor writers go to Arizona? Why not hire street people (somewhat like ourselves) who already live in Arizona? It'd be cheaper and the juxtaposition of the downtrodden against the backdrop of major blingage would be worse than a habanero enema to the moguls, in terms of PR.

Come to think of it, we could reach the moguls anywhere they tried to escape - from the south of France to Belize. There's always a cadre of would-be picketers who need a few bucks extra.

Just a thought...

Dave said...

@haugco -
No this isn't a family blog, its a blog about a strike where a lot of people are angry. If you can't handle the language, go elsewhere.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'll state again that leadership needs to decide if this strike is about revenue or jurisdiction. As long as WGA holds onto jurisdiction, the strike will continue because AMPTP won't give up reality and animation. I think they will come to a reasonable deal on revenue though, eventually. How long this will take, who knows? It doesn't help that WGA has a laundry list of demands that have no way of getting agreed to. If they would focus on the main points, revenue for all distribution channels, this thing could be done and over with.

Captain Obvious said...

The Bullshit Meter is so far off the charts, that it's about to rattle the Richter Scale.

...either that or the degree of laughter this item brings me.


I called the resort and got their fax number so fans can call or fax. I have posted the info and a sample script for calls and faxes on the Criminal Minds Fanatic Blog. I know all the show's fans would like to politely wish Les a great vacation.


Corellianjedi2 said...

I'm an hour from Carefree and would be there in a second. :)

Lostandfound said...

wow... I was just there this weekend. We all should have stayed and welcomed them! 550 people standing in front of the hotel making their stay miserable...


There number is 480-488-9009