Get Your "Benjamin Silverman High School" T-Shirts

Hot in Hollywood and Strike Swag have teamed up to produce limited edition Benjamin Silverman High School t-shirts.

Orders placed by Monday the 14th will be ready in time for the Benjamin Silverman High School Winter Prom outside NBC on Thursday the 17th. Profits from the sale of these shirts will benefit the WGA Foundation Industry Support Fund.

See you at Prom. Go Fightin' Cocks!


troll-proof said...

Neither is Ben Silverman's behavior "jimbob". The guy is a dick - this kind of comeback is all he understands.

RaisedByMongrels said...

1st reaction: Bwahahahahaha!

2nd, more rational reaction: This is no good, guys.

I like the idea of holding prom-themed protest, but with that picture and now the shirt, all you've done is show that you can be just as immature as Ben Silverman.

This would be more appropriate if it were, say, a fan run campaign. But you guys are WGA members. What is the AMPTP supposed to think when they see this?

Still. Funny.