Fans Will Picket With Writers On MLK Day

Brought to you by Fans4Writers. As always, we are inspired by their generosity and solidarity, and deeply grateful to them for their support.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 21), fans will be joining the picketing writers at NBC Burbank. All fans in the Los Angeles area (and beyond) are urged to join in on the picket.

NBC BURBANKPicketing Shifts:
3000 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA

Meeting Point: Check-in table is located on Bob Hope Dr. (Johnny Carson park)
Parking Option: Street parking on Bob Hope and Riverside
More information on the picket location and schedule can be found on the WGA website .


Chicago J. Smith said...

"I have a DreamWorks."

The Night Scribe said...

A few years ago I was a union member of another union. I’m trying to become part of your as soon as someone buys one of my scripts. I will not sell one until the strike is over. Now as I was writing. We picketed on MLK out in the desert where I worked. We were out there for several hours. We had a blast. Right at the end we all walked the hill to where we worked. I was carrying the flag of the US. What a day it was.

Pamela Jaye said...

Go, fans!
Scott Bakula mentioned the Writer's Strike in passing at his performances this weekend in DC.

It was like "I had a TV show in 88. Then there was a writers' strike and I did a Broadway show. And now there's a writer's strike"

that's an *incredibly* loose paraphrase, as my brain is mush, but we know he's on the side of the writers. Not sure where his fans are, but *I'm* here.
I've just been gone for 5 days... my email box is as much a mess as my house and half unpacked suitcase.

Go get 'em, guys!