Fan Actions Kicking off the New Year

LiveJournal's Fans for the WGA group has been brainstorming and executing on a variety of fan actions over the course of the strike, and this week's fan action is of particular importance considering what's about to go down on the airwaves tonight.

Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, Conan, and Ferguson are going back to work, and most of them are going back without their respective writing staffs. But they're not going back by choice. As WGA members who've been public and consistent supporters of the strike, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel are being forced back to work by their employers, and the wga_supporters fan action gives people the information they need to contact NBC, GE, ABC and Disney and voice their displeasure.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, the Criminal Minds fandom has spoken up and asked Les Moonves why he isn't doing anything to help put their favorite show back on the air. That question sounded a chord with Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernero, who's already written in to add his thoughts to the debate.

Finally, here's some video of the fans4writers sky writing at the Rose Parade.


Becca said...

The Unit fans have also been calling, emailing and pleasantly harrassing Les Mooves as to why he hasn't done anythng to put our show back on the air also.

I am a member of WGA Supporters on Live Journal. This is a great group of people. I'm proud to be in their midst.

I shall hit the phones when I get home from work. (Love the 3 hour time diff)

Thanks for the heads up.

WGAE Member said...

I've been trying to visit Deadline Hollywood Daily, and the server is down. Does anyone know what happened? Did some big media conglomerate shut her down because she dares to speak for the writers and air the truth about the Writers Guild Strike? Or is it simply a technical snafu? Can someone please look into this and post an answer on United Hollywood? I'm sure thousands of writers like myself, not to mention other people interested in strike updates, will want to know!
WGA East Member

Anonymous said...

Hope Letterman and the writers grab at least a 60 share. Fuck AMPTP.

Trisha Lynn said...

I figured this would be the best place to post this question and since you're moderating posts, I know that someone's going to read it!

This month, I'm going to be auctioning off toys that I've collected over the years and some books to benefit the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund via eBay. It's actually a very cool way to do it because eBay is partnered with MissionFish to ensure that the money promised will actually be donated to an actual non-profit organization.

I'd love to be able to state on my auctions that they're going to definitely be going to the Writers Guild Foundation, but it's not listed in the MissionFish list of non-profits. I called the phone number on the WGF site, but I was wondering if maybe you guys would have a better chance of getting through and making sure that fans like me can help out.

Keep fighting the good fight!