Drew Carey is Just Right as Host of the Armando Show

WGA and SAG member Drew Carey and the cast of The Armando Show played to a packed house last night at the iO West theater.

The Armando Show is one of iO West's longest-running shows featuring a guest monologist every week backed by a regular troupe of improvisers (including SNL's Tim Meadows, and MADtv's Stephnie Weir). This week's improvisers included WGA members John Reynolds (Late Late Show), Joe O'Brien (Late Late Show), Adrien Wenner (My Boys), Ed Lee (The Drew Carey Show), Kate Purdy (Cold Case), and Wendy Molyneux (The Megan Mullally Show) in addition to the regular Armando cast.

Over the month of January and until February 4, The Armando Show will raise money through ticket proceeds for the Writer's Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund.

Next up, Ron Livingston hosts on January 14th, Bob Odenkirk on January 28th, leading up to a star-studded finale on February 4th featuring cast members from The Daily Show, The Office, SNL, and MADtv.

Tickets for the Armando Show are $10 (February 4th will be $25) and can be purchased in advance at the iO WEST web site www.iowest.com or by calling 323.962.7560.

iO WEST is located at 6366 Hollywood Blvd, between Cahuenga and Vine.


notasmith said...

I, just as much as anyone, really want the strike to end. I support you guys to the end, but I gotta say...I seriously miss The Office. You don't think the strike will backfire, do you? We've all been without these shows for so long and people are turning to shows without scripts (foodnetwork, hgtv, etc, etc)...

You all deserve more money as well as respect. It takes a lot to write a hit show! The companies obviously have the money to pay you, but I'm worried that they're taking so long it might backfire? When this ends, will the shows continue? Or has The Office, as well as the other shows, died?

hollarback said...

There is too much money to be made from scripted shows. Realistically, it has only been a short while without shows - 3 months. Now if that was all that here would ever be on...that would be a problem. Who watches re-runs of reality? Who buys a dvd set of a reality show? Once a reality show airs, it's done. Reality is the fast food of TV, full of fake doctored ingredients.

I want characters and stories. Hgtv and the food network are fine, but hardly a replacement. They aren't in the same category.I don't wait for something to air on those channels, I watch those channels when there s nothing on, while waiting for the Office or Grey's.

There really is no substitute for story. Sure American Idol has a lot of fans, but compare that fan base to the fans of Buffy , Sex in the City or the Sopranos and you get the picture. Reality is filler. A host on hgtv is no Tony Soprano, capiche?

hollarback said...

Sorry I didn't catch the show, Drew is always damn funny. Nice to see someone with no qualms about solidly supporting the little guy.